“All life, even the cruelest drama and most absurd comedy, is a form of show business, a kind of performance, and I have been lucky enough to have created the moving picture show of my own life. I have starred in it, produced it, directed it—even financed and distributed it. What’s even better is that I get to return to it now and then, to see things I might have missed back then. In this third act of my life, much has become clearer. So much is over and I am over so much.”

From the book:
I’m Over All That and Other Confessions

Contemplative Thought

If we think and feel we are born to suffer, struggle, and succumb, then we can change our thinking and feelings. We can replace them with divine feelings of balance and contentment. We would be feeling what has been there all along. Once we find the feelings, we can hang on to them, then we change. We become more balanced. That is truly channeling one’s own perfectly balanced soul. Once that happens there is no need to fight or be angry about anything. Such negative feelings fall away, and possibly so does our negative DNA.

From the book:
Sage-ing While Age-ing

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