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UFOs and Phenomenon

UFO Survey

An Invitation To Participate

The subject of Unidentified Flying Objects is fascinating to most everyone. This survey is the first of a variety of surveys that will be conducted in this area. They are in no way scientific, but will provide all of us with a new view on an old "top"ic.

The results are posted, so we invite you and your friends to participate and share your views. Thank you.

1) I:
believe in UFOs
don't believe in UFOs
don't know if I believe
2) I:
believe in extraterrestrial life
don't believe in extraterrestrial life
don't know if I believe
3) I have:
seen a UFO at night
seen a UFO during daylight hours
never seen a UFO
4) I believe:
UFOs are extraterrestrial
UFOs are inter-dimensional
UFOs are time travelers
UFOs are secret government aircrafts
5) I have:
had a close encounter
been contacted
been abducted
never had an encounter
6) I would:
like to have an encounter with an extraterrestrial
not like to have an encounter with an extraterrestrial
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