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Just as our human body has chi (life force) running through it, so does the Earth. Ley lines are the spiritual life force that activates the Earth itself into a living being.

Sacred site locations are transformational because they are located over ley lines of powerful spiritual energy running beneath the Earth. The sacred sites were constructed at their locations for that reason.

I have experienced many of these extraordinary energy centers. For example, I spent a night in the King's Chamber at the Great Pyramid of Giza, a week at Machu Pichu in Peru and walked a pilgrimage following the ley lines of The Camino toward Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain.

"I learned that Sacred Sites can be transformational..."

From experiences such as these, I found my life transformed in many areas and I learned that Sacred Sites can be transformational because of the energy. They aren't simply exotic "places" on the Earth. They are also connections to the cosmos which the ancients understood and are available to us if we recognized them as such. My most profound understanding was that we are not just physical beings who happen to have souls. We are first and foremost, fundamentally souls connected to the Universe who happen to be physical by our own choice on Earth at this time.

As this site progresses we will visit these Sacred Sites, investigating their meaning and their significance. And more important, we'll discover ways to make our immediate environment a sacred site and our lives more balanced through the use of the various forms of feng shui, aromatherapy and color. We'll delve into the sacred aspects of the earth, her chakras and ley lines. And we'll explore the most Sacred site of all, the Soul.

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Sacred Sites
Pyramid Sacred Site
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