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"Plato professed to know that other civilizations such as Atlantis existed. Maybe he was having an imaginary vision or maybe he was speaking from former knowledge of those times. I'm not sure what the difference is. Possibly imagination is a form of memory. Most of our great thinkers have professed to have had an intuition or guidance that they couldn't describe, something they ultimately called a force of God or a higher recognition of truth that required a quantum leap of inspired faith.

As Carlyle put it, 'The unfathomable SOMEWHAT which is not WE.' Or as Matthew Arnold said, the 'not ourselves' which is in us and all around us." (Dancing in the Light, Bantam)

These were wise words spoken by a man I admired and loved, my Dad. I believe he was right: imagination is a form of memory. We may not consciously bring old knowledge with us into new lives, but sometimes it seems to seep through into our present experience. In this physical form, I have searched for my truth in this arena. I have discovered knowledge of other physical lives, relationships that felt as if they had been in place forever and foreign soils that felt like home.

When I walked across Spain on the pilgrimage called the Santiago de Compostela Camino, I encountered myself in a former life. I discovered a part of me that lead to a greater understanding of myself. I also realized the karmic importance of some of the people that have been close to me in this existence.

These realizations, and numerous others, have helped, inspired and added to my whole being. They have assisted in my better understanding myself and those around me. It doesn't matter if this type of realization is imagination or if it is memory. It is a truth that I have experienced on some level, in some form of reality and I embrace it as a gift from the Divine.

Three quarters of the Earth's people believe they have lived before and will live again; thereby enabling their Soul's journey a continuous learning experience.

Stories abound regarding how people find each other again - for good or otherwise. Come and share some of your stories on the Encounter Board as I will share what I am learning also.

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