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Everything has a numerological value. A name, a birth date, a city, state or country, even a month. The numerological frequency of a month is not determined by the order in which it falls in the year, but instead by the numerological value of each letter.

Take the month of June for example. Each letter in June corresponds to a number. The numerical equivalent of J is one. The numerical equivalent of U is three. The numerical equivalent of N is five, as is the numerical equivalent of E. You add 1 + 3 + 5 + 5, which totals 14. Because numerology mainly examines the energy of primary or single digits of 1 through 9, one must add the 1 + 4. You get 5, which is the numerological value of June.

However, every year June, and all of the other months' energies, will change because no month stands alone. In order to know what numerological value 2005's month of June holds, we must add the year into the equation.

June is a 5. 2005 is a 7. (2 + 0 + 0 + 5 = 7) 5 + 7 = 12, which is compressed further by adding 1 + 2. Therefore, June 2005 carries the numerological energy of a 3.

Just like our names, our birth dates, or the locations we live in, every month of every year has a numerological frequency that is there for us to use as a tool to better ourselves and the world around us.

This Month's Number

April 2014 carries the numerological frequency of a nine. April will have you feeling the full integration of spirit, body and mind.

This month will probably have you feeling a bit more introspective as the trinity comes together. You’ll be thinking and feeling complete and the result of that will produce your natural leadership abilities, deeper understanding and stronger compassion for others.

In your career life, you’ll feel a need to take the reigns to deliver the best possible platform or project. Remember that most everyone will also be feeling this so it’s important to be receptive to the views of others. In many ways that type of unity and co-operative work energy will compliment the strengths of this nine month. You may find yourself the mediator, as you will likely see both opinions with clarity.

Your personal life will be stellar. This month’s energy is representative of humanitarianism, psychic consciousness and revitalized energy. This is an excellent time to volunteer to assist other, whether they’re human or fur person. You will feel drawn to causes and the need to contribute to society and possibly to benefiting Mother Earth as well. Community will have a strong meaning in those respects.

Isolation for introspection will probably be a necessity, too. Better self-awareness and understanding can help you develop the intuitive skills that you are gifted with this month. Pay close attention to those ‘gut feelings’, for they are valid and trying to inform you.

This is an ideal month to home your meditation skills. Meditation is the act of listening to your higher self and the Divine that exists within each of us. Allow that connection to have a voice and be open and receptive to that voice. Allow your dreams to surface and materialize this April.


April is a 9!

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