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Body. Mind. Spirit. Three very separate, but collectively harmonious aspects of life that contribute to the well being of the person. Maintaining the harmony of the three means that each must independently function at its optimum level of health.

This doesn't mean that illness doesn't exist. In fact, today we see a wider variety of illnesses than ever before. Much of what we experience as disease is self-generated. We have polluted the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we cultivate. Even many of the fruits and vegetables we consume are contaminated with chemicals designed to protect us from insects or spoilage. If we haven't polluted it, we have managed to strip it bare of all nutrients and, in some unfortunate cases, all oxygen-rich vegetation. Portions of our Earth are barren and no longer. Plants are hybrid, genetically altered, and no longer reproductive. Water experiences so many protective purification processes that it doesn't even taste like water anymore.

We have undoubtedly weakened our life-giving resources and in doing so we have weakened ourselves. But, humans are a very adaptable species. We probably can and will survive most of our damage.

Unfortunately, there is one detrimental contrivance we may not survive. Stress, the most self-destructive thing we have managed to bestow upon ourselves. It is considered the root of the majority of western culture's health problems. A silent killer that must be addressed because it is one of the most dangerous self-generated, harmony-busters that we all experience.

When we take steps to recognize and manage stress we can really explore the gifts of growing older because we won't be frazzled by the number of candles on our cake or the limited time we think we might have left in this body.

It is important to understand that the majority of the population is "middle age" or above. We have survived the majority of our self-destructive tendencies, are emerging as a powerful voice for things like health and political structure and we are just beginning to understand that it isn't the number of birthdays that are important; it is how we view ourselves, our lives and what we do with these to make them count.

We, of course, have been told that many issues play a role in both our health and aging process: family genetics, personality types, lifestyle and, depending on your beliefs, karma. The list is long.

"If one believes they are old, even at the tender age of 40, they are..."

Perception, how we see ourselves, should be included in this list as it can be a valid reality. If one believes they are old, even at the tender age of 40, they are. If one is 90 and perceives themselves as the proverbial spring chicken, they are. The systems that keep us vital react to out thoughts and beliefs.

Why is that?

One psychologist believes it is our spirit and our mind working together to either combat the physical effects of aging or allow the physical, mental and spiritual aspects a slower itinerary. In essence, it is up to us as individuals. The concept of age is our perception of age and we have the ability to create our own reality.

The articles contained in this page will explore many topics that revolve around concerns, remedies and solutions for better health, stress management (which includes meditation) and aging. Visit this page often and please share your views. Together we may find a path for a healthy, harmonious body, mind and spirit.

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