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Dreams & Prophecy


For most of us the future lies before us with mysteries that are hidden deep beneath the surface. We know this unseen mystery called the future, will individually and collectively alter our lives. But we don't know exactly how or when it will influence, which compels us to approach what we can't see with a degree of trepidation as well as curiosity.

Although often described as a "gift", the talent of prognostication has been alternately valued, feared, respected and reviled. Those with the courage to share their vision have encountered a spectrum of emotional responses because prophecy is a journey taken by one person into the unknown aspects of our future reality.

"Do we have the potential to avent the future?"

Though often ridiculed, the fact remains that certain individuals possess the ability to pierce the preconceived boundaries of time and realize what we may have created for ourselves. From the Biblical prophets, Daniel and Saint John the Divine, to Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon and Gordon Michael Scallion, numerous visionaries have allowed us into their realities.

Future sight is a controversial topic. It's nothing new; it's a part of the human social and spiritual history. It is also our present. We are confronted with the new millennium and what that may or may not bode for our future. Ancient and modern seers have revealed a bleak picture of what we may be facing. Somewhere in the recesses of our mind resides what we have heard from the prophets: global confrontation, cataclysmic natural disasters, mass destruction of humanity through war, epidemics, plagues.

Is this what our future holds? Is prophecy chiseled into stone or do we have the potential to avert such life altering catastrophes? Could these visions simply be warnings that we are capable of changing? Do we abide by the old motto of "Expect the best, prepare for the worst and be content with whatever happens"? Or can we alter these visions by shifting our own consciousness?

This page is a tool to help create the future you desire for yourself. As this page progresses we'll examine past and present visionaries, their perception of our future and our abilities to modify the course of what some may call destiny.

Features in This Section

Opening the locked doors. Why? How? Learning from and interpretations.

The ability to forecast the future...

Dreams & Prophecy
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