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Divination Introduction

The definition of divination is ability to forecast the future, but the word itself stems from Divine. The Divine has many names. The Creator, God, Creation and Allah to name a few. However you choose to name It, It is that unseen, but recognizable, all-powerful all-knowledgeable guiding force of the universe.

Our desire to tap into that knowledge is what motivates our interest in divination. It matters little whether we access this insight by seeking in prayer and receiving in meditation, or through the use of tools such as astrology, ancient prophecy or dream interpretation. Our inherent curiosity is mainly about ourselves and each person finds the method that is most comfortable for them and some find many ways of learning about themselves.

Whether or not you believe in numerology or dreams, astrology or prophecy, I hope you will explore these tools and explore yourself with an open heart.

Dreams & Prophecy
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