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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

My UFO Experience

By: Ute Coleman

I was visiting my daughter in Australia in 2001. One night while sleeping in the same room with her, I awoke from a deep sleep very suddenly. I was eye level with a very amazing "?"

It was round and the being itself was glowing from within a network that is hard to describe. The closest I can get is a lightning storm of colors in the purple spectrum, but at much higher speeds than lightning. I was horribly frightened and tried to kick my daughter. I could not move. It immediately telepathically told me it now controlled me and did not want me to move. I knew it meant well and was not its intention to harm me. I was still extremely frightened though. I just wondered in my head why was it here. It again telepathically answered that it was drawn to to light. It was simply a VCR flashing. I thought to myself that was silly. It's response was it happened. It is very humid in the summer there and the detached room we were staying in did have a few insects!!! Not creepy ones, just little bugs. At the point when I was thinking that an alien? UFO? Should be smarter than that, it directed my attention to a bug in the corner (that I could then see perfectly in the pitch darkness). It was the same as me trying to explain to that bug about my life as it would be for it to explain to me its existence. This all seemed to take place for a long time but then I suddenly became aware that he was leaving and at that point he directed my attention to a ball of beings like him that reached to the ceiling and was as big as most of the room. They were swirling in all different directions and looked like thousands of them were in there. I just panicked when I saw that and he (it) projected it was all right and with a noise I cannot explain, it disappeared.

When he was gone, I laid very still. I then asked my daughter to turn the lights on. I scared her to death and kept asking her to turn them off and on, trying to figure out if I could see the very brilliant lights again. We could not go back to sleep. As soon as it was morning and her friends mom was up, I went in the house. I was very hesitant to bring up the nights' events, but she could tell that something was wrong. She asked, and I told her I thought I had seen an alien. She said say no more. Her sister lived a few houses down from her. She had lived in an area that was considered the outback and had had a ranch. She was now legally blind and had moved to Sydney to be near her sister. She said go down and talk to her before I said anymore. So I walked down and talked to her. She said that she wanted to tell me that after I told her the story, she would say one word and that I would then know I was not crazy. I really was feeling quite unsettled to say the least. So I told her the story and then she said aboriginal. I knew immediately that she knew. The dots!!!! She went on to explain that what I had seen was so common to the people who lived on ranches in the outback that she didn't even have to hear it to know what I had seen. She said the paintings by the aboriginal people show they have seen them many many times. The dot-like painting is showing the dynamic movement that is best described as lighting, just very tiny but millions of dots. Faster than anything imaginable, but compact. Just like their paintings. She also went on to say that she had seen them so many times. It was why she was legally blind. Another common phenomenon of the people that live out in the less inhabited areas.

It is still quite hard for me to believe, but I have had dreams that were wonderful that I have wanted to remember and couldn't hold on to them. This I can remember like it just happened. It was not a dream.

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