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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

From Filer's Files

Segments from George Filer's Files...

Video of UFO (OVNI) splashing into the ocean after 2 jets pass overhead. What do you think?

An underwater city?

Shuttle Films UFOs Diving into Caribbean Sea

NASA shuttle was looking east, when three lights flew across Gulf of Mexico from the north. Jeff Challender writes, "On Discovery's STS-116, twelfth day in orbit, December 21, 2006, she made a pass over the central United States, then out over the Atlantic Ocean near local midnight." We were treated by the INCO to a now rare block of video downlink from Shuttle's low-light black and white payload bay camera.

As the Shuttle progressed southward, with the camera pointing west across Florida and Cuba to the Gulf of Mexico four luminous objects appeared. These were seen against the face of Earth, and were also moving to the south at great speed. In fact, their speed was quite close to the 14,000 mph of Discovery. The objects were flying in a loose formation, and shifting position relative to each other as they went. What happened next is one of the most shocking events I've ever seen in downlink video from space.

Three of the four anomalies dove into the ocean west of Havana, Cuba! Ships at sea, and airplanes no matter how well lit, are never visible day or night from the altitude of Shuttle and ISS orbit. They are simply too far away. They are not visible from 220 miles (350 km) and none of them are capable of reaching anything close to the speed of the objects in this incident. There is no certainty that the objects actually entered the water, but it appears they did. This possibility is backed by fisherman who fish in the general area.

There is no hint of cloud cover in the area so it unlikely the UFOs entered clouds rather than the Caribbean Sea. It still proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that at least three of the four objects were truly at near sea level relative to the Shuttle orbiting at 220+ miles (350+ km) in space. Thanks to the late Jeff Challender.

Mormon History

Sir Skip writes, “I just double checked in the Joseph Smith History. There are some inaccuracies in the article about Joseph Smith's first vision. First, the date was never specifically mentioned. Joseph says it was on a beautiful Spring day, not September 26th. Joseph never mentions any object, only a very brilliant light that gradually settled upon him. Latter-Day Saints, do believe that we lived as spirit children of heavenly parents on a distant planet near Kolab. We had progressed as far as we could as spirits and hence had to experience mortality to obtain a body of flesh and blood. Hence this earth was organized from the existing elements in the cosmos and man, Adam and his wife, Eve were the first of Heavenly Father's children to obtain mortal bodies.”

Kenneth Larson writes, -- I just wanted to make clear that Mormon prophet Joseph Smith did not make the claim that he wrote THE BOOK OF MORMON. Joseph said that the ancient prophet Mormon kept the engraved gold plates records passed along from ancient Jerusalem around 600 BC to AD 420 in Mesoamerica with Moroni (a prophet and soldier as was Mormon) burying the book of plates on hill around AD 420. Hence, Joseph meant that God was the author of the gold plates that Joseph Smith translated into English from reformed Egyptian and then published as THE BOOK OF MORMON in 1830 in Palmyra, New York. The plates were returned to the angel Moroni and are to be revealed anew in the future in the due time of the Lord so as to show people that they did exist and were translated by Joseph Smith.

Rather than attacking Earth, I think that UFOs might have been involved in the creation, measuring, and designing of our evolving planet Earth. So they appear so as to keep tabs on warlike Earth inhabitants who used nuclear bombs during human wars. Thanks to Kenneth Larson

Editor’s Note: Mitt Romney is a Mormon who is running for President whose world views may be significant to America’s future.

Trees and Cities on Mars

Let's prevent NASA and others from obscuring extraterrestrial data for the future of science. There's a point where the preponderance of evidence becomes overwhelming. Use your abilities to discern between large numbers of organized geometric objects and natural formations. Remember articles will be written to try and convince you no one knows what a city looks like on Mars. Some have their egos and alternate agendas to protect rather than facing the evidence. NASA isn't being honest with our world because they don't acknowledge the specific data. Don't believe NASA's misinformation. Use cities and objects on Earth as a comparison to Mars and be honest. Sand, rocks, and ice are not the same as complex buildings and highways. Thanks to Norman Bryden

Garland Tx

On February 21, 2012, the witness states, “I looked up in the sky, saw this object and took the picture”.


STS-116 Astronauts Crew


Garland Tx

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