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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

Special Reports

By: George Filer

Filer's Files: The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOs reported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England while flying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Force investigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFO's are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

George Filer

Special Reports

UFO research pioneer, Wendelle Stevens (87) passed away on September 7, 2010, at his home in Tucson, Arizona.

Lt. Colonel (USAF Ret.) Wendelle C. Stevens was born in 1923 in Round Prairie, Minnesota and joined the US Army in 1941. He transferred to the Air Corps in1942 and became a pilot. He alternated his career between pilot and Air Technical Service assignments with the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) at Wright Field. ATIC is where the Blue Book Office for the study of UFOs was located. In 1947, he was assigned to Alaska where data collecting equipment onboard B-29s were detecting UFOs. He became interested in the subject and started his collection of UFO photographs. Col. Stevens amassed one of the largest collections of UFO photographs in the world. He had given me permission to use some in my files and at the Air Victory Museum. He served as US Air Attach in South America and retired from the USAF in 1963. He spent much of his adult life actively investigating UFO cases despite harassment by the government. In December 1997, he received an award for lifetime achievement at the First World UFO Forum in Brazilia, the capital of Brazil.

Wendelle Stevens was the Director of Investigations for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) in Tucson, Arizona. He investigated numerous contact cases.. He published more than 22 books concerning UFOs, and was a founder and Director of the International UFO Congress. He recently transferred his extensive photo collection, and library to Open Minds Production. Wendelle was a great man, and I personally will miss his great smile and in depth knowledge of UFOs.

Montclair -- Mike Finneran who spent a thirty-year career working for Air Traffic Control in the New York area sent Field Investigator Bill Stephenson this map depicting his sighting. Bill sent me Mike's data. Mike reports, "My wife and I were driving home to Harrison, New Jersey about 1:30 AM, and four miles east of Montclair. I stopped the car we got out and saw a huge object above us hovering at 3000 to 4000 feet "You could park ten 747 aircraft on this huge triangle hovering about ten miles from New York City in the late summer of 1997. It was hovering between the standard ILS approaches to Newark and Teterboro Airport. The craft was sitting in the only position that was safe for the heavy commercial traffic flying into these airports. We could also see three aircraft about three miles in trail of each other on final approach for Runway 22 at Newark Airport not far from the huge black triangle.

The map (to the side) shows the black triangle location pointed toward New York City. Red lines on the map show aircraft approach routes and blue lines are departure routes

The object was completely without noise. In my 30 years of air traffic control and 47 years as pilot, I have never seen an object of that size in the air. My estimate is that it was approximately one mile across. Thanks to Mike Finneran.

OAKDALE -- At 10:47 PM on August 16, 2010, I was on a business trip and videotaped something out of this world on my Blackberry Camera Phone. The video is great and the audio is even more mind blowing with all the witnesses that were around us. I was in the Holiday Inn Express parking lot facing east toward Yosemite.

Note: I have viewed the video and agree with the witness that the light is an unknown. The entire video shows two lights hover, move left, move right, and then eventually ascend. This behavior eliminates balloons or airplanes as a cause. The microphone did not pick up any sound.

Colorado Triangle

Loveland -- On September 3, 2010, I went to the back porch for a smoke and looking up I saw something unusual. I noticed lights moving at a great speed that at first thought was satellite, but it was too fast. There were four lights on each side making a triangle, but it might have been three with two in back. Then I had to call my wife, but I knew she would not believe me. I lost sight of it over a set of trees to the west of me. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Triangle

Malaga -- I interviewed the three witnesses in reference to multiple sightings. On July 30, 2010, a female 40 years old and her son observed what they first believed to be a C-5 fly over them on Blackwood Road. It was getting dark when just above the tree line they realized the silent craft had no green and red navigation lights. Next, they observed three bluish white lights and a triangular shape. Suddenly two F-16 fighters appeared on the scene and the unknown craft just seemed to evaporate from view.

This came from a family with a military background who are sure of what they observed. They pulled into the Comcast lot and attempted to take pictures but nothing was on the film when it was developed. They both viewed Filers Files # 36 2010, and identified the triangular shaped craft as very similar to what they observed.

The other brother has observed a round silver craft above the tree lines. He never felt threatened or upset over these sightings. He has no idea what they are or where they came from except they are not military. The craft resemble the craft in Filers Files #25. Examination of the sky revealed it was clear, no object's of any type was observed. This investigator will maintain contact with the family and help them through this experience. Thanks to NJMUFON Field Investigator William Stephenson

New York Rectangle

ARDSLEY -- On August 28, 2010, at 8:30 PM, my husband and I observed seven separate lights in an almost symmetrical formation that then the lights began to rotate. The lights almost took the form of the constellation Ursa Minor or Major. Then the lights began to fade and disappear one by one. We headed to our friend's house a few blocks away and as we turned the corner, a car stopped in the road with the doors open. Teens were outside and were on a cell phone and I could hear the driver telling her Mother that she saw something. I rolled down my window and asked if they had seen the lights too and they excitedly said, "The seven of us saw the lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

North Carolina Black Triangles

I was in front yard around 6:45 p.m. and heard an aircraft pass over and glanced up and observed a small single prop plane proceeding east, above was a glint of sunlight

that caught my attention. It shone brilliantly in the sunlight like polished aluminum. It was proceeding westward at a stately pace. Then I realized that there was something unusual about this aircraft... it seemed to have no visible wings or stabilizer. I again looked up and I was unable to discern any wings or stabilizing structures. It was a silent cigar tubular configuration with brilliant reflective surface that flew at a leisurely clip. The craft made no dramatic disappearance... simply faded into the distance. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania Disk a Row of Lights

Spring Grove -- On August 18, 2010, my stepdad and I went out on the porch at 10 PM, and noticed a bright orb in the sky that was closer and brighter than the other stars. We got my telescope out to take a better look. We both saw a row of four lights that were diagonally lined up and they would brighten and fade out until they disappeared. They have been hovering and seemingly getting closer to our house for three hours now.

Oshawa, Ontario Canada-- On Sunday, August 29, 2010, at 4:54 PM while at home in I was tending to a BBQ on the deck. I stopped and noticed something strange in the sky directly west. I could see a round translucent object with a light. I instantly grabbed my camera and took two pictures and two more pictures with a 5X zoom. All four pictures were taken at 4:53 PM, with my Canon SD890 IS 10 MP digital camera. There is photographic evidence of a silver disk shaped object with a bright light on top. It was moving west as I lost sight after about 35 seconds while filming.

Haiyan County China -- A bright, unidentified flying object that was visible for at least three hours slowly moving to the west over the skies in southwestern of eastern China's Zhejiang Province on August 31, 2010.

The unidentified flying object that constantly twinkled was not at a high altitude and was much larger and brighter than stars around it. Many people witnessed the UFO at the scene that evening. "I have no idea what it is," a witness said.

The reporter found that not only was the object itself very bright in the sky, but its reflection on the river was also very eye-catching. Many residents in Haiyan County witnessed it and one said, "It looked quite big and it seemed that it was moving." Another bright, flickering dot appeared above the object flying toward Haining City.

Two reporters from Hainan's local TV station followed the twinkling object in a car moving toward Haining City and took relatively clear pictures of a round object that had shiny blue lights, and several other flickering objects around it. Later the reporters found that the round object had become rectangular and gradually flew higher and disappeared at 10 pm, three hours after its first appearance. The UFO led to a three-hour blockade of the airport and about 20 delayed flights.

Israel. White Sphere About 120' Across

South Negev Desert -- On August 26, 2010, I was looking for a map of a place where I found an artifact in Israel back in 1982. I was searching the south Negev Desert on Google Earth, at the coordinates 2946'6.28 North and 3458'40 East. I found a white sphere about 120' across, several hundred to thousands of feet in the air. The object appeared white, spherical, and has a distinct shadow below it. I would very much appreciate someone going to those coordinates and telling me what they think this object is.

Sweden Triangle of Lights Not Bright.

Stockholm -- On September 4, 2010, about 10 PM, at night between Gullmarsplan and Skrmanbrink there appeared in the distance was not an aircraft or helicopters. It was moving forward very silently much lower than the normal planes. It was two or more times larger than an airplane at that height. I could see it had a tail, but no lights and was very dark. The front was a perfect triangle filled with large round lights, not very bright. The course was regular and slow. However, when they reached a place where there were clouds it rotated and I could see the perfect triangular shape as they flew into the space. Find this happens rarely in the middle of Stockholm. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Switzerland Lights

Basel -- On August 21, 2010, three other people and I witnessed a formation of between three and five bright objects. I was walking the dog when I saw four intensely bright white objects high in the southern sky that at first I thought was an aircraft. The four objects remained almost motionless, until I witnessed a smaller and less bright object drop away from one of the objects.

After five minutes of viewing, I went into my house and asked my girlfriend to come outside with me, and to bring a camera. We watched three objects for ten more minutes before going inside to look for another camera with a telephoto lens. The objects moved slowly and were hard to see against the brightness of the clear summer sky. It often faded into the blue background and then returned with intensity in a new location making it difficult to judge their exact location. The objects moved closer to each other over time, one after the other. Two passing strangers confirmed they could also see the objects. My girlfriend and I went inside to look for my telephoto lens. Upon returning outside the objects had vanished.

Excerpt from Filer's Files


Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens


Map of the NJ/NYC area


Oakdale UFO


Colorado Triangle

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