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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

Family UFO Stories

By: Barbara Maples

My oldest sister told me this story because she was 18 years old when the UFO incident happened in Bakersfield California.

My mother had taken my sisters and I to the drive in movie while my father was out of town in the San Francisco Bay getting us ready to transfer there because of his job. While at the drive in watching the movie a UFO came down and hovered over the screen. My sister remembers the UFO was much bigger than the screen and made a very low humming sound while hovering. My mother yelled telling everyone to get down in their seats and hide. My sister said she remembers looking out the window and seeing people getting out of theirs cars to look up at the UFO and pointing. The UFO hovered there for a few minutes than left. My mother started the car and took us home right after the UFO left. My sister remembers how scared my mother was when she got us home and made sure all the windows and doors were locked. I was 8 when this happened and I don’t remember the incident because I was asleep in the back seat per my sister. My other sisters saw the UFO but don’t talk much about it. This happened in 1961.

I remember one time driving to the grocery store with my mother and grandmother while living in Bakersfield and when we got out of the car and starting walking to the store my mother looked up and told my grandmother and I to run and get inside the store because there was a UFO above us. I was younger than 8 when this incident happened.

My oldest sister remembers one night while still living in Bakersfield getting ready to go to bed my mother looked at her and said “They are coming and I don’t know which one of us they are going to take”. I am glad she told my sister and not me!!!

My mother had UFO stories to tell when she was a child growing up in Oklahoma. My mother told this story to me. She said she was walking in the country and come upon a cliff and looked down below and there was this beautiful silver crystal city with people in silver clothing walking around. She said she watched them for a while because she was drawn to them and interested. After a while she said she went back home because it was getting late. She said she went back the next day to the same spot and the silver city wasn’t there. I was thinking it was a group of UFO’s stopping or she saw a city from another dimension?


In 1988 I went to listen to this guy give a talk at one of the metaphysical stores called Mystic Gems about energy lines of the earth. Before going to this meeting a friend gave him my number to talk with me about coming to his house so he could work on me to help with my healing of my illness. He called and we talked for a few hours and when we got ready to hang up we discussed we would meet after the event he was giving and talk about him doing the healing work. We talked for hours after the event standing out side of the store during the summer in the bay area in Fremont California. After a few hours past I remember a bright light in the sky just above the roof of the building I couldn’t stop watching blinking on and off. It was almost like I was drawn to it. I told the guy there is a light in the sky that keeps blinking.. I remember this light was brighter than a star but I didn’t think anything about it other than is was blinking and I was drawn to it. He told me I should get home so we parted. I drove home and I remember I went into the house to watch TV because I was wide-awake after talking with this guy. I remember watching TV and it was almost like I was being led to turn off the TV and lights and go to bed. I remember there was no chattering going on in my head like it usually does. I remember sitting on the edge of the bed with the light turned on that was on top of the night stand and before laying down I looked towards the front room and that is all I remember. I don’t remember laying down or turning off the light on my nightstand. After I woke up the next morning and thought about the incident I remember feeling there was something or someone in the front room. I’m getting chills just thinking about this.


Another incident about the same time as above in Fremont I woke up on the edge of my bed in the middle of the night with my eyes closed thinking to myself as I was starting to wake up why am I sitting on the edge of my bed? As I started to open my eyes I heard a mans voice that was deep, very loving, gentle and in a soothing voice say “DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES? I must have freaked out because I remember waking up later in the night in a fetal position with someone lovingly running their hand up and down my arm soothing me which made me feel very safe and secure. I remember waking up the next morning feeling full of compassion and love and not feeling scared about the night.

I went to see a friend who was physic and channeled Bubba about the incident and Bubba said they are light beings and the reason they didn’t want me to open my eyes because if I looked at them with their glowing brightness it would blind me for a few days. Bubba said they have been visiting me since I was born and are teaching me. He said they also visit my friend’s son the physic and his son opened his eyes during one of their visits and he had problems seeing for a few days.

Another incident with the light beings included my husband at the time. My husband was a trucker and would leave on Sunday and not get home until Friday so I was alone during most of the visits. One night I was sound asleep when I was woke up by my husband saying “Barbara wake up, Barbara wake up. I woke up and looked at him sitting on the edge of the bed and he looked at me saying there is someone in the house. I thought to myself “you are the man go see who it is?’ He looked at me and said they are standing in the bathroom doorway, look. I looked and saw an outline of a short being standing there. I must have known who it was because once I acknowledge it I instantly feel asleep and hit the pillow. The reason I could see the outline of the being is I kept a night light on in the bathroom and he was standing in front of it so and I could see the outline. In the morning I talked to me husband if he remember anything strange last night or had a weird dream and he said no so I didn’t mention anything to him about it. Maybe I was dreaming?


I had a UFO sighting around 2005 in Rochester NY. It was around 10:00pm and my dog Shari needed to go out side to the bathroom. The place I lived at was a duplex and the landlord lived next door. I remember getting out of bed walking her down the short flight of stairs to take her out in the backyard. Again there was no chattering going on in my head, which is usually pretty busy with thoughts. I got to the back door and let my dog out. While standing there looking out the back door, the upper half of the door was glass. I noticed a very bright star above in the sky. I watched it for a few moments. There was no chatter in my head and I was drawn to this light. While watching it the light started to move and made a straight line than the line stopped and was visible for a few seconds than blinked out. Still watching the sky the light showed up and made another line, which was there for a few seconds than blinked out. This keep happening until it was litter more than half way across the sky than the light went straight up and made a zig zag line like a lighting bolt than that was the end of it. I thought wow I wanted to see some more. Then I looked down and my dog was at the door wanting in and when I let her in I could hear my landlord drive up and part his car on the drive way from being out working late.

Living in the bay area I always got this since that the light beings had a base down under the ocean next to Half Moon Bay. It seemed like I could feel them there..

Those are some of my stories and my mothers regarding UFO’s and ET’s. My sister Linda had stories to tell about the grays visiting her whom I told you one via my email I sent you. My sister Linda and I were very close and passed in 2000

My niece Diana has her own stories of being visited and having procedures done on her and seeing the incisions on her arms and legs in the same place and exact same distance. She talks about the incidents but is very afraid of them.

I currently joined a UFO group here in Rochester NY so I can learn more. I hope this group can give me more information about UFO’s. I would love to do some case studies in the field regarding UFO’s. Seems lately I’m getting more and more interested again in UFO’s.

Seems my experience with UFO's and other paranormal things happen when I have no chattering going on in my head. Wish when I meditated the chattering would stop. :-)


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