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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

Friendly Aliens

By: Edward

If you have had a similar expreience and would like to share, please drop us a note.

Dear Reader,

I had an experience about 20 years ago which is as fresh today as it was then. I was visited by friendly aliens who wanted me to accompany them to their planet. They communicated by telepathy and I could even joke with them, though only one at a time! It felt quite comfortable and normal - unthreatening, pleasant and reassuring.

I said that I had my two children with me that night and couldn't go far so they asked me where I would like to travel. I 'said' to see the Statue of Liberty (I don't know why, really). They gave me my own pod and we traveled as a group - it felt as if I was speeding without the feeling of motion?! It was sunset and the sight was beautiful. The next day I at first thought it might have been a dream but the time difference accounted for the sunset, I checked.

We returned and I asked to keep the pod and they laughed and said that I'd have to be patient.

They were about four foot tall, slim and had exaggerated facial features - tiny noses, big eyes, a slit for a mouth and a pointed chin.

For weeks after a UFO would follow me home when I worked the late shift until I finished that particular job, then no more.

I wonder if anyone experienced something similar?

Kind regards,


PS I'm a Secondary School Teacher who would consider himself a balanced human being!

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