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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

A Mystery

By: "J"

This is written by an experiencer who wishes to remain annonymous. Nonetheless, she has something to share with us, as she is like so many of us that have unusual experiences that defy description.

You can feel comfortable here sharing your UFO sightings and experiences. We will honor you wishes if you prefer to remain annonymous. Just send your story, and pictures if yo have them, to

One end of Summer Sunday late evening, my daughter and I were driving back to Washington DC from Front Royal Virginia on a heavily trafficked Route 66. My daughter pointed out an amazing site to me on my left above the treetops just about a mile ahead of our car. There was a lighted object, which was triangular in shape. It's glow cast a November light all around it. On either side of it was smaller object. I told her, "Oh, it's just a big star, honey. Very pretty."

In the next second, I realize that a star could not be that close (to) the earth, nor that bright, nor triangular nor have any object near it. I had an urge to stop our car on the shoulder of the highway, but the clock on the dashboard read 8:21 PM and I knew by instinct that if I stopped, I would be late for work the next day.

I decided not to stop and look at it. Cars slowed down all around me but kept driving. I looked at the car next to me and they were looking straight ahead. I thought maybe I'm wrong. Maybe itís a large billboard. I had to think of anything except for what I believed we were seeing.

I kept driving and looking at it. We soon passed by the object, which never moved at all. I looked in the rearview mirror and it was still there. The next weekend we drove to Front Royal, Virginia, and it was gone. What did we see? It was a triangular craft of some type.

We moved from the area and are in a new area now. I have scoop marks under both of my underarms. I will wake up to unexplained bruises on various parts of my body even at a vein in the crook of my left arm. I have experienced being taken out of my body into a craft and examined on a metal table. For what purpose, I do not know. I have encountered the same being on several occasions. I have touched its hand. I know that there are different beings of different looks and different energies. At first I had great fear of the beings and I had to sleep in the living room on the floor next to the wall and next to my daughter. I screamed in the night. They came in the day as well.

A couple of years ago there was a crop circle made in a wheat field just off of Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach. The police were called in and the Federal government went to the area and used heat seeking equipment and other things. The Virginia Pilot the local newspaper reported that it was just the work of teenagers. I do not believe them for a second. A lot of crop circles seem to appear near military bases. At Virginia Beach there is the Mid Atlantic Fleet - the Navy, the Army, the Marines and the Air Force. There are huge Naval vessels located here as well as squadrons of new aircraft at Oceanan Naval Station.

Look up the location of crop circles and a lot of them are near military bases. There must be a connection here somehow. Why would the military send out their investigators with heat sensing equipment if they did not believe someone other than teenagers made the crop circle? The answer is they would not. I contacted the farmer and asked if I might come and look at the crop circles or if he would call the MUFON and alert them. He was scared out of his mind and he told me that he was not allowing anyone in that field and wanted no part of any research.

Since that time the military has routinely "sprayed for mosquitoes" in the Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk areas. We have been advised to remain inside while they spray. Since when does the military spray for mosquitoes? Never. Investigate it if you will.

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