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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

Greys and Personal Contact

By: R.

A personal story

While I was still in spirit waiting to be sent to my new life (born) the greys contacted me and offered me a deal to change my chart. They told me what my new life would be like and that I'd have an accident which was considered a mistake so I was being offered a chance" while still in spirit" to be medically repaired if I allowed myself to become hybrized by them. They told me what to expect if I took this road so I agreed. Well the accident occurred as they said and than I became a starseed on top of being a wanderer. They also told me I wasn't from here but would be man in this life. I was also told in this life I'd have to atone for past lives so I wasn't too thrilled with my new adventure when I heard what my life was going too be like but they said if I choose this path my understanding of things would take a huge leap and I'd save myself a number physical incarnations in the flesh in other words a quicker ascension of the soul. They said I couldn't be one of at this time cause I wasn't evolved enough yet but would actually become one of them in a future lifetime. This was allowed because it would prove to be very beneficial for me and the greys.

It was only later now towards the end of my life that I became aware of them actually waking up and seeing the in front of me. They've never harmed me and I know there around a lot since they have the ability to change their vibration and move into the unseen realm and we can't visibly detect them unless if your like some people I hang around with and are psychic. They also told me how my life would close and what it consequences would be. I think if more people knew the real connection between the spirit world and the physical world and respected the law of karma and reincarnation they'd make wiser decisions about their lives since each individual life is a steady progression to soul ascension. The lessons I've learned in this life due to my contact with greys will be invaluable in the future.

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