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UFO Stories: In Your Own Words

No One Talks About It

By: Joan Cass

I was flying for United Air Lines (UAL) when we were called stewardesses, not flight attendants. I had gone up to the cockpit with coffee when I saw a strange object, craft. It was so very bright and seemed to be standing still before it just zoomed off. It was a shock. The crew told me it was a UFO! They went on to say that they've seen them many times. The captain was flying in WWII when he saw his first one. However, because of the labels back then and all of the hassle with the time and paperwork, they stopped reporting the sightings. It was said in an off-hand way that really surprised me. It got very similar replies, too.

It was during that time that I learned about the famous Blue Book. I guess that was really the turning point in the road for me. I quit soon after, married, and began my search, which included reading Don't Fall off the Mountain.

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