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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

We Laugh a lot in Heaven

By: Gilly Mitchell

My husband grew up, still ‘seeing’ all the time but not telling anyone about it.

My husband had always been able to ‘see’ things as well as ‘hear’ them. His mom once told me that, when he was a little boy, they had stopped to chat to a woman. He suddenly said that there was a baby with this woman (who didn’t even know that she was pregnant at the time!) My husband was only 3 years old. My mom-in-law had been aware that he was able to ‘see’ all the time, but had always told him not to talk about it (in other words, what would people THINK?!)

And so he grew up, still ‘seeing’ all the time but not telling anyone about it. By the time he was about 12, he deliberately tried to close his mind to all the spirit folk who were hanging around him telling him to give a message to this person and that person (and were being rather insistent about it too!) as though he knew who they were talking about. What he did carry on seeing though, were people’s guides around them (especially all his friends’ guides).

Once, when he was in his teens, he took a short cut through a big cemetery to get home. It wasn’t a particularly spooky graveyard, as it stretched from one road to the other and was nice and sunny and open. While he was walking through, he suddenly noticed a group of spirit men who were playing cards around a spirit table! They looked up at him and asked him (in a Scottish accent) if he would like to join them, to which my husband replied “No thanks, I must get home!” They smilingly replied “No problem!”

I remember at one time I had been practicing my Tarot card readings by myself on my bed. My husband came home and smiled and said that there was a group of spirit ladies with me who were chatting away around a spirit tea table, laughing and enjoying themselves immensely – as though they were enjoying an afternoon of tea and tarot! The one lady was even smoking a cigarette that was on the end of a long cigarette holder (no, I didn’t smell any cigarette smoke J)

When I met Bruce in 1975, I did not know of his gifts of seeing and hearing. He did not tell anyone. He had grown into a big, strapping man who revved his bikes and raced cars, certainly not the type of person who would be normally associated with seeing and hearing things that were not of this world (including the fairy kingdom!!) In fact, he started to tell me about my guides probably only 12 years into our marriage. They say that a person who has a true ability does not shout out about it to the world. He knew something was up though, when he met me for the first time. He walked into my house, and when he saw me he then saw all of my guides and his guides hugging each other, as though they were old friends!

And with him telling me about my guides, I found out about his guides as well. His one guide was a big, strapping Red Indian called Little Bear J And that’s where my actual story comes in.

Bruce had been having problems with his back, and we had found out about a trance healer. Well, with much trepidation on my part, I went along with Bruce to watch the proceedings. In my mind, THIS was really SPOOKY stuff! The trance healer started going into trance, breathing in deeply, and slowly started to fold her arms high across her chest, all the while maintaining a rather serious expression. The healing session commenced and, after a while, it ended with the healer coming out of trance.

We said our thank-you’s and said goodbye with the promise that we would be back the following week for another healing session for Bruce. Bruce and I climbed into our car and drove off. I then said to him, “Was that Little Bear who came through?” He casually answered that yes, it was. I then said “Are all Red Indians always so serious? Don’t they ever smile?”

I want to stress that NO-ONE heard us say this. We were literally on our own driving home in the car.

Well, the following week arrived, and off we went to the healing session. Bruce lay down on the healing bed, and I sat in a chair to the side of where the healer was standing. Once again, the healer went into trance, and once again, Little Bear started coming through. This time though, a smile spread across the healer’s (Little Bear’s) face, and she (he) started to talk. “Yes”, she (he) said, “we laugh a lot in heaven!”

I was STUNNED! How on earth could the healer have known that I had made that remark the previous week?! After that, it was a standing joke between Little Bear, Bruce and I. I would always say – “Is Little Bear smiling?” and Bruce would reply, “Yes, Little Bear’s smiling!”

I could go on and on about the experiences with our guides, but this is the one story that I will hold close to me for the rest of my life.

Keep on smiling



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