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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

The Grace of Angels

By: Barbara Thompson

Iím sitting with Leslie this afternoon at an in-between place. In-between the medical plaza and the hospital. Her mom, Lauren is receiving a medical procedure intended to catch the unexplained blood clots in her leg that threaten to migrate to her heart or brain. Her brain is where the advanced kidney cancer of ten years ago decided to show its face. And facing this moment is something that Leslie hasnít reflected upon yet.

We talked about when and if the transition from allopathic care to palliative care will take place. What kinds of models are available and what and where her mom would likely prefer to be, should the hospice route be chosen.

She asked me to muscle test to see if her mom was amenable to receiving an imaginary gift on the spiritual plane, something Iíve been blessed to be able to do for sometime now. ďShe was willing to look at it, but wants to decide for herself.Ē I smile, thatís Lauren. Fair enough. We called for her angel to be the deliverer of this gift, one especially selected by Divine Grace.

In the very next moment the outside set of electronic sliding glass doors, the ones we walked through a few minutes earlier, opened and then closed. No one walked past to trigger their opening. And we could see the other set still closed further inside the building.

Laughing I said, ďIsnít that just like your momís angel, wanting to make an entrance!Ē

The gift was delivered and subsequently approved. Leslie was quite relieved. Lauren made it through the surgery with flying colors and lived another seven months, long enough to see the rest of her loved ones.

I so appreciate being able to share these special moments of in-between-ness with Leslie. I bow to their courage and am indebted to both for the laughter, joy, graciousness and especially for believing in me until I learned how to believe in myself.

All my love,

Barbara Thompson



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