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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

Past Life Recall

By: Bobbie

A remembrance of a past life

This is a true story, and it occurred around 1956, when I was just a little girl of about eight years of age, and in the 3rd grade. It was around this time of the year, and our teacher, Mrs. Alexander, was at the front of the room talking to the class. I don't remember the context in which this information was given, but at one point, she solemnly said to us, "You know, a few hundred years ago, many women who were thought to be witches were burnt alive at the stake."

I had never heard of this horrible practice before in my life. It was as though I'd been hit by a bolt of electricity! Before I could even think of stopping myself, I leaped out of my seat and shouted, "That happened to me!! That happened to me!!"

My teacher's eyes got very large, and the other children turned around in their seats to look at me.

I was horribly embarrassed and confused at my outburst, and I remember just looking down at my desk and wishing that I could disappear. What happened after that is unclear; perhaps the teacher adroitly changed the subject! The scene fades in my mind at that point, and I don't recall the teacher or anyone else ever talking with me about what I had announced that day, but I've never forgotten it.

Prior to my knowledge of reincarnation, my belief that "I" had been alive at an earlier point in history made no logical sense to me, but

I knew it was true, anyway!

What has always stayed with me is the feeling of absolute certainty that what I'd felt and said that day in my 3rd grade classroom was unquestionably true: "That happened to me!!"


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