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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

Listen to Your Children

By: Penny Dee

Listen to Your Children


Penny Dee

Far from being the blank sheets we are told about when we are adults, children hold the keys to another dimension for as long as we allow them to and they can teach us (or remind us) well.

My own son has had some incredible challenges including major surgery which could have affected his life considerably, however he chose to refuse to be a victim and plays sport at top level without anyone being aware.

All of his life he has been tuned in and can use his psychic powers to good use. I have allowed it and actively encouraged it.

When he was two he was present in the room when I had psychic surgery on a tumour behind my eye. The surgeon was so quick we did not have time to remove both him and the friend minding him. When the surgeon left the room he did a double-take in true comedy style and put his hand on Jamesí head and said "this child is very psychic - get him working" by which he meant practising his art rather than earning a living of course! I have a picture of them together which is wonderful.

At age about 3 my son was lying in bed and I was drawing his curtains and he announced in a very clear, precise and well intoned voice, "we are all connected to God you know". It was matter-of-fact yet meant to have an impact. It did. I looked at this beautiful little face with wonderment at such wisdom.

Having never discussed religion or God with him this was extraordinary. But not really when you think how close they are to the place whence we all began.

He was leaving me when he was a baby. He just seemed very limp and listless and no life force brimming as usual. I rushed him to the doctor and unsure why as I always go another way, but I pushed forward in the queue of sniffles and was put in a room on my own to await the doctor. I really thought he was going. My father was dying and my son had surgery coming up and I sat with him and promised I would do all I could for him and that I loved him beyond belief and would always treasure him and would do what it took to make him happy if he would stay. He chose to stay and when the doctor arrived, James was fully alert and smiling and kicking. It was just amazing and humbling.

At 5 he was clearly astral travelling and would tell me excitedly about his voyages and how he had been to places and planets where he did not understand communication but knew what they said.

He picked out the chakra colours; just the main 7 ones, in crystals the first time in a crystal shop.

When he was 9 he said "if everything is energy, then it is all illusion". Going as we do to my wonderful frequency medicine man, he said it was slightly inappropriate for him to be channelling quantum physics and he grounded him a little and since then he has been less hooked on atomic and sub-atomic issues! It was interesting that he had done that though and found that information and relayed it with such certainty.

This is my son. The healer, the psychic, the intuitive being, the joyful abundant being, the wise and healthy one.

This is all your children. It is what we all were and can be again.

I coach with people and aim to re-ignite the flame of knowledge and wisdom. Re-acquaint them with their true inner beings and remind them of their wonderful divine heritage. It is ours to claim. It makes life fun and people are always ready to hear about their potential and how the real them has been pushed down for all this time.

So, learn from your children. Teach them, yes, but remember they have skills, which you have hitherto ignored in yourself. Claim that power now with your children. Bond with your children on the level of metaphysics. Your children will thank you in many ways.

Gratitude is great attitude and be grateful to your children for allowing you to visit that place in your own heart again. Explore with them.

Enjoy your children.

Penny Dee


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