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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

My Cowboy

We often hear youngsters speak about friends that no one else can see or hear. It isn't at all uncommon. The uncommon aspect comes into play when parents don't forbid the unseen. I was fortunate. My parents never said my unseen, unheard friend was my imagination. Nor did they try to steer me away from that source of communication.

At a very young age I had an invisible friend. I won't call him imaginary, because he wasn't - and for that matter he still isn't. He appeared to me as a cowboy. That was how I identified with the energy and he certainly wasn't invisible to me. He was real. So real, in fact, that if my parents expected me to eat, he had to have a place set at the table. He was always included in all aspects of my life.

I eventually out grew his company and developed more physical reality-based friendships. That is until he resurfaced when I was 15. At that time I wasn't old enough to have a driver's license, but my parents were on a business trip to Hawaii and I did know how to drive, even if I didn't have any experience... Well, long story short, three friends and I decided to skip school and take an outing in my parents Jeep. Everything was set and scheduled for a sunny spring Tuesday.

Monday night, in the midst of a deep sleep, my cowboy reappeared. He told me I had closed my mind and could no longer see him as I did when I was a child, but that he was always there when I needed him. Then he explained that he had come to me now because I was in physical danger and I needed to know how to protect myself and my friends. In dream state he took me through the events of the next day before they happened. He explained what I had to do to avoid several serious problems and promised to be by my side, even if I couldn't see him.

Tuesday arrived and the four of us took off in the Jeep. We headed to the river and decided to do some four wheeling up a hill. No sooner had I started the assent, then a mental picture of my cowboy pierced my thoughts and the events that would happen that day flooded my mind. I knew I would drive up this hill and just prior to reaching the top, the Jeep would begin to slide sideways on shale. I also knew how to maneuver out of the predicament. Thanks to my cowboy the four of us got down the hill safely, even if our nerves weren't quite intact.

I knew the next event would be a front tire blowing out at 75 miles an hour. It did and, because of the dream communication, I knew how to slow the vehicle to a stop. The only thing my cowboy failed to tell me was how to change a tire, but we managed. The remainder of the day continued to unfold as I had been shown. And the events of the following weeks were exactly as he described. We were caught, but not for days after my parents return and we all suffered the consequences of our actions. But in a way, all of that was worth it because I had the opportunity to reconnect with a wonderful spiritual presence; my cowboy. To this day, if I am in physical danger, he appears in my dreams and takes me step by step through the events for which I truly thank him and all others that are looking out for me.


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