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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words


By: L.R.

Saturday night, during my prayer and meditation hour, I asked Spirit to reveal himself to me in one form or another. Towards the end of my meditation hour, all of the sudden I smelled my deceased Mother's perfume "Occur". I honestly thought "that" was it - she was revealing herself to me in that form. I was content with that experience and never expected anything else.

Well, it happened the next day ~ Easter Sunday ~ in church at the 7:30am Mass. When I least expected it, I felt this "loving presence" behind me during Mass, almost as if I was being embraced invisibly or being healed. I know I have Spirit Guides and Masters, Angels and loved ones who have passed watching over me and protecting me, so it wasn't that unusual to feel this - but this was different... Later during Mass, when I reached behind me to offer my hand for the "Peace Be With You", this very tall, handsome man, with dark brown hair looked at me, or should I say looked "through" me, gave me a gentle wink which I understood as "Here I am". I have never experienced anything quite like this before!

I can go further into my explanation and other things that happened during Mass, but that was the most profound.

Initially, I thought, "Do I know this man?" The only thing I can say is that I have never seen this person before but felt as if I knew him and wanted to know him better and as if he knew me completely. He had a gentle and loving way about him, which quite honestly overtook me during Mass. I have never felt the type of peace and love that I felt when we exchanged the Peace Be With You signs and our eyes met. I felt almost "in another world". There was something very special about this person, I thought. I believe that this was Spirit coming to me in physical form ~ proving to me what I had asked the night before. Almost like the "Touched by an Angel" show. It was only when I reflected on what had just happened earlier at Mass did it dawn on me that this person was Spirit revealing himself to me. I have NO doubt about it.

During and after Mass, I was left with this incredible feeling. I was really drawn to him. I have to add that I have been and am still going through a very tumultuous time in my personal life at the moment, so this was particularly meaningful. I later thanked Spirit for revealing himself to me and apologized for not "seeing" that he was Spirit right away. I will pray to be more open in order to see these very special "visits" and the meaning behind them. This particular experience touched me far beyond any real life experience could!


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