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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

We Have Nothing to Lose But Our Wretchedness!

By: Durk Krieger

I am 64 years old. In August of 1995 an absolutely life-changing, revelatory relationship with a young man in his 20s began, which continued very intensively for about three months, and is still very much with me.

It has been proven to me time and time again that this person has "superhuman" abilities: most importantly, total telepathic omniscience, and the ability to influence the "subtle" aspects of anyone he chooses to influence. (Within "karmic limits" I suppose). That is, he can cause people to think and feel as he wishes them to, and therefore to act in the way he wishes them to. Through his guidance, I have done a lot of reading. Mostly it is the Radhasoami, Sant Mat, etc. - writings he's guided me to. And a lot of meditation practice from these writings, and my life and spiritual development have continued on an upward spiral I would not formerly have thought even remotely possible! I believe that this person is one of an increasing number of "Perfect Living Masters" who walk among us. I suspect that many of the "spirits" and "angels" and "guides" are of this nature.

It is still hard for me to believe that all this happened -- and emphatically still is happening, though in a much less intense and "person-to-person" way, after that first three months. In my case, this relationship was -- is -- ENTIRELY "unspoken": i.e.: telepathic. Physical speech passed between us only a handful of times, and never of a spiritually relevant nature. Needless to say I had often seriously wondered whether it was all only in my own mind. But the logical proofs of his telepathy and clairvoyance are so irrefutable, and the indescribably beautiful nature of the experiences so compelling, that it is all "more real than real."

Radha Soami!


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