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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

Family Visit

By: Gosia

In March, 2001, my parents called me from LA to tell me that my Uncle was in the hospital. He was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, and was given 2 weeks to live.

Several days later I drove the 5 hours down to LA to see my Uncle, and possibly to help his spirit transition over, if this in fact was his time. Upon reaching LA I went straight to the hospital where he was surrounded by all his family. He recognized me and kissed me and thanked me for coming to see him.

I had just recently lost a very close friend to cancer and recognized that he did not have much more time in his physical body. Twenty four hours later his condition deteriorated rapidly, and I spent as much time with him as I could doing Reiki (energy work).

The following morning his daughter called and told us that she thought he was about to die, please come to the hospital. We rushed over and I was able to spend his last 9 hours of this incarnation with him. I did an energy technique known as an Opening Spiral (to open the energy (chakra) centers ) to help ease the transition for his soul. During those 9 hours I spoke with my cousin about the death of her daughter just 2 years ago, and again of her brother, who had just passed 4 months ago. Her father was at his son's funeral in Europe, and was anticipating his reunion with his son at this point.

Many times my Uncle would stare up at the corner of the room and reach out with one arm as if to grasp somthing, or someone. I had read quite a bit about what people experience as they near death and believed that some family members were coming to help him cross over. We would ask him if his granddaughter was there to help him, and there would be no response. Another time we asked him if his son was there, and he blinked his eyes to say yes, as this was his only way of being able to communicate, a tear crept out of his eye and rolled down his face. My cousin and I both cried with him.

I believe that the "Opening Spiral" technique allowed him to connect with the Spirit world and allowed him to make his transition very calmly, and peacefully.

I believe in the Spirit world. I long for direct communication with the Spirit world........I believe that in helping my Uncle with his transition I was given reinforcement of what I believe, and I was given a new avenue down which to guide my gifts within the healing arts.


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