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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

Spirit Guides

By: Victoria Silva

Several years ago, during a meditation, I asked that my spirit guides make themselves known to me. I had an amazing vision of one guide during the meditation. This guide was a beautiful gypsy woman with long red hair. I could feel her presence and I felt an incredible sense of peace.

About a week later I was at the cashiers at my local organic food store, writing out my check for food purchased. Something made me look up and in through the doors walked a woman who looked exactly like my spirit guide, gypsy clothes and all! I nearly fainted and was quite rattled. She was so beautiful and looked ageless really. She could of been sixteen or sixty for that matter. I finished writing my check, although I don't know how. So many things were going around in my head at seeing this vision and my emotions were one of joy but also really overwhelming. Because of my deep connection to Spirit and the awareness of the spiritual world, I knew what I was experiencing was true. I wanted my spirit guides to be known to me, so here she was, in broad daylight, at the grocery store! But my mouth was still wide open, in shock to be honest! This was really happening!

I finished at the cashier, and started to walk out. The next thing I knew she was standing next to me! I was trembling all over, her energy was so powerful. She then told me that she liked my shoes, they were a pretty soft green color, almost a sage tone. She then told me "we like your face too". She had the most beautiful smile on her face as she said this to me. I felt so loved in that moment, I can't even put it into words exactly. I felt this incredible energy of love from her, I could feel it embrace me, and go all through me. I felt her communicating in my head that I was on my path and that "they" were proud of me and were helping me. I couldn't even talk, I didn't even want to, I felt so good, almost like I was floating, somehow young again, not a women in her forties. She then said to me "keep in touch" and she started to walk out the door. I too started to go out the door, to walk to my car, but I had to have just one last look at her to see if she was real.

Maybe four or five seconds had gone by since we had both walked out the door. I turned to look at this beautiful being, who I knew was my spirit guide, and guess what? She had disappeared, as if in thin air! No one, not one person was in that parking lot! I stayed rooted to the ground for a few minutes to see if a car started to leave, but that never happened. I felt weak as I walked to my car, unlocked it, and crawled in. I started weeping, because I knew that I had just experienced something wonderful and magical sent to me, because I had asked for it, from Spirit.

Spirit guides are REAL and they do manifest here on the earth plane, when a person is open to the spiritual world. I was blessed and humbled from that incredible and life changing experience. Spirit is alive and working here on the earth plane. I know that for sure.


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