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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

My Guardian Angel I

By: Biggi Krebel

In 1981 we bought Waldino a Hannoveranian from a German trainer of Olympic potential horses. Nobody wanted Waldino, because he had an independent temperament. Somehow Waldino and I got along even though he was a handful. We took a liking to each other and grew closer together.

Due to our friendship Waldino helped me survive a chaotic childhood. Waldino and the other horses we owned provided an unconditional and positive influence on me. They were my role models and taught me about life and relationships. I see their characteristics like their endless determination, faithful behavior and intuitive streaks within my own personality. After my dad gave me Waldino as a Christmas present we started to take part in horse events. We were very successful in show jumping, so much that other competitors felt threatened by our potential.

In 1987 our eventing spree was overshadowed by a mysterious illness of Waldino. He was dependent on me after he lost his complete eyesight when he developed an allergy for mice. We never knew it, but he lost the eyesight to the virus to a minimum of shadows early on in his life and then the eye was removed after it got infected. After the operation Waldino had great difficulties walking. It was so bad that I could not ride him for weeks. We walked together for many hours and during this time he was very insecure, staggered and refused to go over puddles and bridges. But he never gave up. Not long and we were back in training and his recovery was remarkable. We went to compete at jumping events only one year after the operation. Jumping with a visually impaired horse is not encouraged, regardless in 1989 I was crowned "Best Sportsman/woman of the Year" because of our winnings.

In 1993 everything changed. I pursued my career in the music business and moved to London. It was very hard for me to leave Waldino behind, but it was impossible to take him to London. I would return to Germany every four to six months to see him. In 1997 I moved to Philadelphia and shortly after that I received a phone call that Waldino had died of old age. I never got over not being there for him when he died - when he needed me most. For three years I could not even speak his name without getting emotional.

My sister urged me in Feb 2000 to receive Reiki I initiation. She felt it would be good for me. I took the course even though I was not into it and didn't understand the whole concept. It was a weekend event with four initiations with the same woman my sister was initiated. At the third initiation the Reiki Master said, "I see a black spot in your aura up in the corner that indicates that someone in your family who has passed away wants to communicate. Do you know who that is?" I did not know, because everyone in my family was still alive. She said she would look closer in the fourth initiation.

I didn't pay much attention to her statement because I thought she must be wrong. During the fourth initiation, she said: "It's a horse, a brown horse. He is breathing strongly and powerfully. He wants to send you a message that he is looking after you. He is your guardian angel." I was speechless and tears started rolling down my face. How could she have known about Waldino? It was a miracle.

Over the past two years I have received unexpected messages through a channeler and other wise from Waldino. After all these experiences I believe that if you are open to receive guidance it will come without a question.


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