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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

A Reminder From Mom

By: Patricia Swen

My parents began their search when I was only about 5, (I am 15 months older than Shirley, so that is 63 years ago.) Mom passed over in Aug of '98 at the age of 95. She, in addition to her search for knowledge, was also rather star struck and thought the 'stars' could do no wrong. Shirley's books became popular in our households, and Mom always talked about them. Recently, several of our family had a psychic reading which was wonderful for us all, we all felt uplifted and encouraged. A few days later, I began to have a fluttering in my right ear each evening, and when I would say, "Stop it now, go away." It would stop. Finally one evening I said “All right, I'm listening, what do you want?”

A couple of days later I suddenly thought I would look up Shirley's books, (mine and Mom's) and get into them again. My ear never fluttered again, and I know for certain that Mom was trying to get me to start reading those books again. I have been glued to them since, and have now bought the Camino, which I finished in less than a week. I was blown away, but that is another whole story. Much of what was contained in the last couple of chapters, I have heard about all my life, so it was not that strange to me, but still very amazing in the detail - almost leaves you not knowing just what to think!


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