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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

A True Angels Story

By: Tikvah Feinstein

I was raising my young daughter by myself after a divorce and left our small town for a nice city apartment. I had a good job and provided for us both. One evening while on my way to work, (night shift at the medical center) a car sped out of his lane and hit my car head on, rendering me disabled. Soon I was on a fixed income and back in college working on a degree that I could practice with a bad back. Next, the landlord raised our rent sky high and refused to replace the leaking refrigerator. I had to find a place to live for us that was safe and that I could afford.

I searched the classified and drove around looking for "for rent" signs for days without luck. No one wanted to rent to children. I was desperate; we had to get out in two weeks. A new semester would start in a week for both of us.

When I was ready to give up, I felt compelled not to resist as my car, as if it had a mind of its own, pulled into a space in front of a duplex in a family neighborhood and stopped. I knocked on the right sided door of the double house, and a blond middle-age woman answered the door. I asked her if she knew of an apartment for rent. She told me she had just left a nice apartment about two miles away and gave me the address. I went there immediately, but there was no sign in the window. I knocked on the door anyway and an elderly kindly looking man answered. He told me the 3rd floor was vacant, but he hadn't posted it yet. His wife came then to look us over. When I told them the apartment was recommended by the former tenant, they both looked puzzled, then a pleased look passed between them. I assured them that I would be a good tenant. That wonderful couple offered to look after my daughter when necessary. The rent was reasonable.

A few days later while I was moving in, the tenants on the 2nd floor told me the woman who had rented the 3rd floor for years had died a few weeks earlier. I never found the duplex again, although I pass that spot almost every day since.


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