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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

My First Spiritual Experience

By: Monica

I had a back injury for seven and one half years with a ruptured disc and a slipped disc in my lower back. I also had two ruptured discs in my neck.

My doctor operated on my neck and removed both ruptured discs, but left the lower back because it would just get worse. At that time, I had a new boyfriend, I will call him Don, move in just after I met him. Boy, was that a mistake. But I finally realized he was there because I was not to be left alone.

During one weekend he took me to Rochester to meet a trance channeler. She was teaching a course that weekend. So I went. The weekend before I had met Molly Roland who trance channels St. Germain. This was one of the best readings I have ever had. St Germain told me that when my time came it would scare the living hell out of me. And it did!

For that weekend in Rochester the course started on Friday. The minute I sat down and she started to trance channel I went into shock. I could not talk, hear, move, anything. I was so scared. Don did nothing to help. He was more interested in his course. I had to wait until Monday to see my Psychiatrist that I had for my compensation case. Every day Don took me back there I went into the same thing. Don took me to my psychiatrist. I could not drive. I could not do anything. When we got there and the psychiatrist came out to get me, I could see that he did not like Don.

When it was done and I came out of his office, I could see Don was mad because he did not come in the room with us. This is my problem. I do not want anyone else in the room but me. He could not understand that. I was to return two weeks later. At the last minute Don wouldn't take me. So I called the doctor. He said I would be fine. Here are the directions. Just come. So I did. Two weeks later I threw Don out!

I was sitting on the bed when I heard for the first time a voice talking to me. She asked me if I wanted to heal. I asked who are you? She said Mother Mary. I said YES! She said give it two weeks. Two weeks later I went back to work - after 7 1/2 years. I went jogging. I starting doing things I could not do. After that, I was woken up during the night by Melchezadek telling me to start writing. And ever since then I have been.

I also teach people how to let go of all fears, angers, and deep dark hidden issues that are in the pits of our stomaches and in the back of our hearts that we will not allow ourself to look at. Before I could teach them, I had to do it. I could not let go of the abuse from my mother. Later on the doctors found I had come down with diabetes. I was also having seizures. This was epilepsy. They will not agree with me that yes you can get rid of both and I did get rid of the diabetes. I am not sure if the epilepsy is gone. When I finally tried to let go of the child abuse, I had a seizure. This was when everything came to the top. My mother had molested me in the bathtub since I was a baby. I use to hide in a closet from her beatings. So she would put a chair up to the door so I could not leave the closet and leave me there until the others came home from school. I was also beaten with an electrical cord and other things. I think she tried to kill me by choking me and suffocating me with a pillow several times. I blocked all of this out and did not want to see it again. Now it is all gone.

I also do a new level of Reiki. I can do I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII. People around here that teach Reiki are very jealous and angry because it did not come to them. I asked them to try it but they won't. They tell me there are no other levels other than I, II, and III. They will have nothing to do with me.

I am also sending you one of my first channelings that I give to people to help let go of issues. This gets them started at letting everything go. The majority of the work is up to them.


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