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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Act3

I am compelled to write this letter to share a pivotal experience in this long path or quest which is life. The journey to this point has been long, oft times arduous, not without wonderfully happy times, or exceedingly painful ones. I often say, I may only be 50 but my experiences are beyond what one would think could be squeezed into this small capsule of time. On thanksgiving night I had what I consider a new experience.

My family was having a gathering with much laughter, costumes and craziness. The day and evening were full of memories in the making when suddenly I felt like I was being pushed. I went over, got my purse, said nothing to anyone and walked out the door and got in my car. I got home and walked directly into my room to check my answering machine. A woman was on the phone leaving a phone number and telling me to contact her regarding Carol, my mother's friend. I was always contacted if anything happened with Carol as she had no real family and she had appointed me as executrix of her Estate as well as giving me power of attorney over health care, she trusted me as we both had similar belief systems in such matters. I called back immediately and was told Carol had passed and that the coroner was probably still at the house.

I grabbed my purse and headed out the door, called my sisters and asked for my mother, everyone had been asking where I was. I picked up my mom and we proceeded over to the house. Carol and the Coroner were gone. The following a.m. I went to Carol's house and there on the table was a tape cassette, said taped for Shirley Maclaine, J.S. I looked up and picked up the tape, said thank you Carol. Later that day when I got back in my car I put the tape in and listened to an interview that had been done a few years ago in Seattle regarding her book the Camino. That p.m. my mother and I went to dinner and listened to the tape together after we left her friends we went to the book store and I bought her the book with the condition I got it when she was finished with it. She reads a book in a matter of hours, for me it is a different story not being retired and having an extremely busy schedule. I get it next, today actually. Well I really got off track here. This feeling of being pushed was new for me. I have had people come to me and sit on my bed. I have seen them and actually said good-bye, but this was different. I did not see Carol, it was all energy, without trying to get into the whole feeling, all I can say is it was like being touched by direct light and love that I have never felt before. It actually made me quite hysterical for a moment, and I still try to talk about it in a detached way as to not get so emotional, but I still break down, not in a bad way, but a blessed way.

Then the night before last I had a dream. I was doing the butterfly in the curl of a wave and came ashore just as a para sail was overhead, it caught my attention and then I realized someone was standing next to me, it was Shirley, I spoke of the beauty of this flying sail in the sunset and we proceeded walking along the beach talking until we came upon a gathering of people, some kind of celebration or something. For some reason I thought Shirley needed some hands on healing in her body, asked her to go get a warm towel and lie down on her stomach so I might work on her. She was all fidgety and being a bit of a pistol so I decided to wait and try again later. In the meantime this gentleman friend of hers was laughing about the dilemma with great understanding and said let's dance. We began swing dancing and laughing, he said, " if anyone can get her to settle down and work on her it will be you, so don't give up, she needs it."

Then yesterday I got on the website I had learned about from the tape and an amazing thing happened, there were some pictures of the gathering in New Mexico, one of them was a group of about four people, I can't find it again, but standing next to her was the gentleman that I had danced with the previous night.

I spoke with Harris today in regards to subscribing to the web site he thinks it might have been him. Anyway I am going to be in the chat room once they process me or whatever, I will be ACT3.

I chose Act3 because this is the third significant encounter I have had with Shirley, first in the mid 80's at Lazarus intensives in Los Angles, then at Rodeo Plaza some years back and now here she is smack dab in the middle of my life again. So Act3 begins. this one so far more intense than the other two. HMMMMMM. So there ya go.


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