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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

My Guardian Angel II

By: Biggi Krebel-Patil

Editor's Note: This is a follow-on part to a unique story between Biggi Krebel-Patil and her horse. The first installment can be found here.

The followup on this story is quite a journey.

In that reading with the channeler, she also predicted a book. Which I ignored, because I did not see myself writing one. After some time I listened to the tape again and the idea of writing a book was more interesting. I was working for the Greater Philadelphia Film Office on their "Set In Philadelphia" Screenwriting competition and concluded maybe I would write a book on screenwriting. But it all changed when I went a few times to therapy, I got the idea to write a book about celebrities acknowledging their favorite horses. I named the project Famous People, Famous Horses and dedicated it to Waldino and the other horses who had given me so much. I also wanted to dedicate this book to benefit horse rescue shelters.

After I was sure of the idea I had tried to get an AOL screen name calling it my horse's name, 'Waldino'. I couldn't understand it, the screen name was gone. So I wrote to the person at asking the reason for is using this name. I never got a reply. I was really wondering who on earth would have the same name as my horse?

It took me over six months to find out that my story which I had sent to was published on Shirley's website. I had sent the story in November 2001, but because I did not get a reply I thought it was not accepted and forgot about it.

It was April of 2002, I had just met up with William Shatner as he is a great horseman in Los Angeles, pitching him my book idea. The meeting was not that great. He was tired and overworked, accepted my proposal and said he will look at it later. When I stayed at my friends house that night (because I was still living in Philadelphia) I got real insecure about my whole project. My friend was sick in bed and I was bored and depressed. Was this book really going anywhere?

I went online, just surfing around, sobbing and asking my supposed to be Guardian Angel "Waldino" to give me a sign. While surfing I remembered again that I wanted that AOL screen name and never got a reply, so I went to the Google search engine to see what or who is attached to my horses' name. I typed in "Waldino" and the first two links were links to a football player who strangely enough, had the same name like my horse.

When I scrolled down, I could not believe my eyes. There was my link to my story, which I had sent to Shirley Mac Laine's website months ago. It was fascinating to see this story and at the same time humbling. How could I have questioned my path to writing the book and how could I have questioned the fact that Waldino is walking the path with me. He definitely gave me a sign and it would not be his last.

The first story which was published got recognition across the world, where I get e-mails or phone calls, from old and new friends who had somehow or other come across my story on the web.

I am excited of the many more signs Waldino will give me to blow away my disbelieve in the connection with passed loved ones and our daily lifes.

Today I am happy to say I have landed my first interview with Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts brother) and Interviews with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stefanie Powers, Bo Derek, Robert Redford etc about horses are just around the corner.

To read more on Waldino, and see some of our pictures, please go to:


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