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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

One of the Luckiest

By: Barbara Schreiber

Most of my life I've been told "You’re so lucky. You have it all" or "I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth". My family were not wealthy or famous, but I guess my attitude about myself and life reflected this positiveness. But as your life progresses and the events of life continue on you can become tainted and the "happy go lucky", "carefree" person changes, sometimes without you even realizing it.

The accidental death of you're oldest, beautiful daughter, divorce after twenty five years of marriage and the loss of income from a family business dispute, all these things have a way of eroding that person into a distrusting cynic.

Where am I leading with all this, well, now at age sixty I find myself with what I think is the last straw, cancer. After twelve months of weakening surgery and intense chemotherapy I am prepared to leave this earth. One night in bed, too weak to get out, my miracle happens.

My oldest, beautiful daughter appears to tell me, "Mom, it's not your turn yet. You have things you need to do."

Being of sound mind, of course I asked, "What things do I have to do?"

Her answer: "You will know when they come to you."

I have no doubt that she appeared to relieve and renew my spirit, which it did. Today, one year later, I am working on the things I need to do. Sometimes it is hard to know what things to do, but I feel it is important to inform people we are not alone in this cosmos, there are spiritual guides all around us ready to help with our struggle of life. Best of all to me, is that my positive energy is restored and I feel I truly am "one of the lucky ones". You think, maybe that is one of the things I needed to do?


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