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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

My Near Death Experience

By: Kelly Marion Potter

February 12th, 1994. Newly separated from my husband of ten years, on anti-depressants, not eating well.

My girlfriends called me up. "Let's go dancing!" Well, I was all for a little escapism. Parked at a local mall in Atlanta, Ga. Had a designated driver take us to Buckhead, the party capitol of the city. Danced, played, laughed. Then we were driven back to our cars. (We all know that, even though you stop drinking an hour before you leave, the alcohol is still in your system.)

My girlfriend called out to me, "Are you okay to drive?" I remember saying, "Sure, I live just around the corner." They say that, when the road curved, I didn't. I apparently mowed down a concrete mailbox, cut a small tree in half, the remaining trunk of the tree uplifted my car into a ditch where I rolled into another tree.

This ditch was set off from the road and I lived in a suburb that was rarely traversed at 1:30 in the morning. So, I knew when I woke up hanging upside down suspended by my seatbelt in a dead car, I was in trouble. Yet...there was no pain or fear. I remember thinking, "Hmmm....I should try to get out of here."

I lost seven pints of blood that night. I had no idea that my scalp was almost lacerated off my head. (By the way, I am 1/8th Mohawk...I must have been heap bad warrior back then!) But I did not feel it as I beat against the windows. I was too weak to crack anything and, even though the car was perpendicular to the tree it was leaning against, I thought I should at least attempt to free myself. I was so weak I couldn't even undo my seatbelt. I said, "Well, it looks like I am going to die today." That's all I remember. Still no fear or pain.

I woke up with my head in the lap of a beautiful, tranquil young girl. She was supporting my body on the hood of her VW car on the side of the road. She had two young men with her. All of these children (I was 36 at the time!) were entirely calm and loving and beautiful. Unusual for that age. (Especially when a woman was bleeding to death on that young girl's jeans.) Then my former husband showed up. (He is still my best friend to this day!) How did they know to call him? I was just wearing a skin-tight black jumpsuit and only carried my ID and some bills. Also, there was not a snag on that cotton jumpsuit to indicate I might have been airlifted out of the ditch that was set off from the road. No one could have known I was there! The car had not shifted position and the only broken glass was on the passenger side flush with the ground. Had I been able to unbuckle and fall down, I couldn't have crawled out anyway unless someone pushed the car over. To this day, my former husband has no answer to that. Plus the fact that these beautiful children disappeared off the face of the earth. Why, all good Samaritans check on you the next day, for curiosity's sake. Even the EMT who saved my life checked on me the next day. (Hence my belief in Angelic intervention!)

At the emergency room, they allowed my friend to come in. He had volunteered before in hospitals so he understood the equipment and the protocol. Plus he was the only "family" I had on a night that no one expected me to live through.

I remember him to the left of me looking at the machines. I had about 6 to 7 heated blankets on me and an IV in each arm. The last thing I heard him say before I left was, "Doctor, her vitals are dropping. Her vitals are dropping!" Then I was catapulted out of my body to the corner of the ceiling. Very cool! I hovered there for a moment looking at my convulsing "vehicle" on the table, and I just said, "Well....bye bye now!" Then I turned into the Light!

My belief is that my body was dying too quickly for me to experience all that we read about. You know, the tunnel, the friends who greet you, etc. As I turned into the Light, a wave of Love and Joy and Bliss swept over me and I felt like crying with happiness. I felt like I had come home! Then, before I could go anywhere, I heard a mellifluous male voice say, "You have to go back." Well, I'm telling you that we don't change on the other side because, if ever there was a stubborn woman, it was me. And if I had a body, I would have stamped my feet and crossed my arms as I responded with, "But I don't want to go back!" He replied, "You have to go back. You are not done yet." Boom! I was back in that body. And it was not pleasant.

I suffered from brain damage for a year. Made up a whole new language and got violently angry when no one understood me. If not for my earthly guardian angel, my former husband and best friend, I do not think I would have recuperated as completely as I did. He took me back in and nursed me back to health. I thank God for the gift of his love every day!

So, two miracles happened that night. And the miracles continue. You don't automatically figure out what it is you are here for. It took me many years and a multitude of mistakes to realize that my gift is the simple communication and positive influence I have on people. I can help people through this drama we call Life. (Isn't it silly that sometimes we can't take our own advice, however?!)

I have come a long way. I am currently standing on a precipice and afraid to leap. Intellectually I understand what can happen, and yet in the middle of the night, all alone, my "vehicle" wakes up in fear. I wonder if I am afraid that, if I travel to a new level of awareness, will I give up this precious life in this incarnation? I've grown to be thankful that I am here right now. Even though I know there is nothing going to "hurt" me, I remain afraid to take that step. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I am new to this site. I have a deep respect for Shirley MacLaine and those like her. So I am seeking the Way. I want to advance. To know.

Thanks for letting me share with you all. There are not many out there that can understand what I know. The "knowing" is everything.


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