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Spirit Stories: In Your Own Words

My Grandson on the Mountain

By: Judith Tully

Eight years ago, my oldest daughter, Connie was expecting her first child. Oct. 5th, she went into labour. Everything was going great, but suddenly the babe was in distress. She was rushed to have a C-section, which was done in minutes, but the babe passed to the Other Side, due to lack of oxygen. He was a perfect little boy, who looked very much like his Mom.

The grief my daughter and her husband carried for over five years is beyond what words could say. They keep his ashes on his baby dresser, even after moving. One night I was talking with my daughter. She was saying how her husband still grieved and would never talk about their son. And he would not part with his son's ashes.

As we talked, my grandson appeared before me!! He was about five years old and in jeans and a T-shirt that said; I Love Mommy, on it. I told Connie what was happening and she cried such sad tears. Ask him why he is there with you, Mom, she said. He started showing me where his Mom and Dad lived. The valley and the mountains. I had never been there. They live 1500 miles from me. He showed me up the side of a mountain where there was a huge odd shaped boulder. He showed me a fire red bush that grew there. I asked my daughter if everything he was showing me was true. She was shocked, but said; Yes! My grandson said; Grandma, It is time to bury me. Below the odd shaped rock, by the red bush. Tell Mom and Dad it is time. Tell them; It was not their fault. I was to be with them for only that time. Now they must move on with their lives. Love is what I came to show them. They will have no more children. Just themselves, but I will guide them.

Everything my grandson said was done. He was buried beneath the boulder. His Mom and Dad have healed. Their love is great for each other. The lesson of Love my grandson taught us all is so great. To reach the Other side is a gift I have had since birth. But, my grandson's gift of Healing and Love for his parents is a miracle. And they happen every day, if we are open to them.


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