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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Jean House

Back in the 60's when my folks went to Guam for a 2 year tour of duty, I kept mom's german shepherd, Lady--a very unique and intelligent member of the family, even before I married and moved into my own home.

Lady quickly adopted my children and our various pets: rabbits, cats, etc. She made sure none of them, children or pets, wandered outside the imaginary fence of our immediate yard, and could often be found mothering them, much to the dismay of the rabbits. She would even mimic our cat's stalking antics in the nearby meadow by staying a few yards behind the cat and imitating her every action.

Lady was getting on in years, and one sunny morning while drinking my coffee on the back steps, Lady started off down an incline toward a creek and some brushy growth. An electrical current ran through me as I watched her, and I knew that she was going off to die. I called her name and asked her to stay. She turned her head to me, and I could see her deliberating. She then slowly turned and came back to sit beside me; I thanked her and talked with her about the many years she had been an intregral part of our family. Lady stayed a few days longer, and then one day she did not come home. I knew she had completed her jurney and sent a silent prayer her way.

That was not to be the end, however. A couple of weeks later, while taking my 3 young children for our daily walk with a friend of mine, I saw Lady energetically running toward me. I greeted her, and she paused, acknowledging me as though to let me know she was ok, and perhaps still enjoying our walks, and then ran on by. There was a solidness and yet an ephermeral quality to her appearance, as though a temporary joining of two dimensions--but no mistaking that it was Lady. Lady, a friend forever, and sharing another experience to remember; and a confirmation of the certainty of life after physical death for all life forms.

Several of my other pets have had their own unique & unusual spirit stories, including my current black chow-chow, Shaman WindDancer, who thinks she is a former pet black lion... but that is another story for another day.


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