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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Furr Baby

By: Barb Kraus

At first you may say no...

How are you? I am so happy you have kept on your journey strong and well!!! When my son and I decided to bring a fur baby into our lives, we started searching the shelters, locally. My heart was being touched by some pitbull mixes. I love this breed, but we were open to any breed. We were not having much luck because I wanted 7. I was visiting a friend at her salon,one of her clients volunteered at a pet store and suggested to go check out the adoptions there. My son and I proceeded to the store. My goodness, there was mass conjuckafunk of people, I saw large dogs. After a few minutes, my son was holding a puppy. I said No puppy!! Mom look at her, I said puppies are a lot of work, he said I know. I said no you don't. Before I knew it, I was signing adoption papers. Why I had the money for this, I have no idea, except it was meant to be. My son named her right on the spot. I had money left for food and a little bed. We got home, and my son decides to go out with friends. I was left with this puppy that turned into a gremlin, tazmanian devil!!!!!! I said what the hell did we adopt??? Because I have had many years being around dogs, I could some what keep her a little calm. After the first week, she was flipping crazy!!! I was crying to friends, this is not going to happen. I had a serious discussion with my son, Zack, something is wrong with this puppy. My son started crying, said Mom, we can do this. I'm telling you, it was another challenge in my life that has turned out to be an amazing blessing. She thought she was boss, I had to show her I am the pack leader!! Now, I love her with all my heart. I don't get all the kisses my son gets, but she is the best traveling partner. We go to the beach, she chases her ball, she swims, she runs and plays with other dogs.we hike, we walk all different places. She has my heart like my first dog I was in love with, my pup August I named her when I was 10. Deja reminds me of August a bit. This is my pup story. Ms Shirley, you are awesome, keep up the great work! Many Blessings,

Barb Kraus


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