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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Cynthia Ramirez

A lot of those stories really touched me so I decided to share something that happened to me with a cat named Cleo.

I was 22 and married and pregnant, living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My husband and I were not very happy together and I wanted to get a cat for some comfort. We knew our landlord would not approve but I told him we could say the cat was a stray and lived outside. Sometimes we would visit the humane shelter just to look at the cats and dogs that needed homes. After a few weeks I finally convinced him to agree with me and we decided to get a cat at the shelter the next day off we had.

And I do not lie about what happened next. I can't remember if it was that afternoon, or the next day, but I was sitting out on the porch swing. Within minutes, I noticed a cat, and then another cat, and then another cat. All of the sudden there were at least 6 cats hanging around the house and parking area. These were cats I had never seen before, but obviously they lived in the neighborhood. I started to reconsider getting our own cat if all of these lived around I could just visit with them. There was one black and white cat that was the only one to actually set foot on the porch and let me pet it. She had a collar with a tag and the name Cleo. The day went on, and Cleo stayed. I never again saw any of the other cats. I called the number on her tag and her owners only live two houses away, and they told me Cleo had found them also and that was the kind of spirit she had, and she was not very happy with their other cat. So it was ok for her to stay with me. Cleo became my closest friend during one of the most difficult times of my life. She slept next to my pregnant belly and would purr along with my baby's kicks.

My husband and I split up within a week of the birth of my daughter and Cleo was my constant companion. She was a very protective cat and patroled the house and outside and sat at the doorway at watch.

It broke my heart when I had to move away and couldn't bring her with me. I called the old owners and told them I was moving and they said they would take her back. I brought Cleo to their house with all of her "things" and the poor cat cried and cried as I carried her there.

That is one of my most favorite experiences of all time. I asked for a cat and the perfect cat for me came to me. She was independent, loving, behaved well, protective...the greatest companion.

Well, I hope you like my story. I feel like I was completely given a gift to help me through that time. And one of the purest forms of a gift possible.


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