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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

How Moonstone came into my life

By: Candace E. Mard

I had to put my second cat Topaz to sleep the day after Christmas 2001, two years after Ambur, my first. We had the Christmas weekend to say good-bye as an inoperable lung tumor made her last days difficult. Oddly enough, the friend who brought Topaz into my life called to wish me a Merry Christmas and asked if Topaz was still alive. At that point she was fine. Later that evening she had trouble breathing and a quick trip to the vet confirmed my worst fear. When I put her to sleep, a calm came over me and I knew she would be reunited with Ambur who was a surrogate Mom for Topaz.

The two cats were inseparable. Soon after I had a very vivid lucid dream that Ambur and Topaz were in my apartment joyously romping around and making all sorts of noise as they chased each other on their not so quiet cat feet. I got up out of bed to investigate and much to my amazement my two spirit cats looked up at me as if to say they were happy once again and that it was okay to get another cat. Soon I had another dream of a cat circling me on my bed, with tiny gray paws and a cream-colored tail puffed out.

The Sunday paper featured a cat for adoption from a local animal shelter. She had been adopted twice before and needed a single owner environment without other pets or children. I was intrigued and went to the shelter to see her. When we were introduced, I knew she was the cat I dreamt of. Somehow I know my 'gemcats' had guided me to this badly abused animal. It has been nearly a year since I adopted her and she is on the mend. I changed her name from Pandora to Moonstone as she is part Russian blue and has large gold full moon eyes that change to a seafoam green.

I believe that animals have souls too and that in all likelihood those precious pets that come into our lives have been with us before. She has taught much about patience and healing not just for her but for myself as well. I also know my first two cats played a significant role in uniting with my third cat.


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