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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

My New Soul

By: Diana Orozco

I have been in a funk for the past 6 months, I am going through the change of life and as much as I have embraced change all my life moving to Arizona and starting hot flashes was more then I could handle. I would come home from work very tired and I'd flop down on the couch and pass out and wake at 3:00 am and head off to my bed. This was so unlike me. When I used to live in California at the beach in Laguna my energy from the ocean was always high. I was feeling lonely and asked Spirit for guidance and continued my daily prayer treatments to move on with my life and have more vitality.

So my story begins....

About three weeks ago I had dinner with friends, and we were leaving the restaurant when this storm came out of nowhere. We rarely get rain in Scottsdale, so we stood outside enjoying the thunder and lightning and my friends told me about a women that wanted to get rid of her dog. I asked all the usual questions, how old? Male/female? What color? How much? She is 2 years old, black, a poodle, for free with papers.

Long story short, I was off to see her two days later driving in 5:30 traffic in the rain to the next town, and the minute I saw her photo via e-mail I was some how connected. The woman that had her was full of pain. She told me she had lost her first poodle tragically from a large dog that got into her yard and killed it in front of her eyes.

She said, "I just cannot bond with another dog." Her daughter and son-in-law had purchased this dog for her in hopes she would help her heal. Her husband divorced her and she was just in a sad personal space. This black poodle ran right up to me as if she knew me. I bet if she could speak I know she would have said, "Plllllleeeeease take me home." The women said after watching my interaction with her dog, I haven't held this dog the way you do or even pet it or play with it the way you do". She said she just could not bring herself to touch her and get close. She also told me "Pepper Joy" had only one toy, it was a small doll size red knit sweater torn and shredded at one end and it had on it, I BELIEVE............ in white yarn. I said that's it I'm taking her home. I packed her up in less then 5 minutes as the woman said to me out the door, "I just hope I never see her again!"

I did not like the name Pepper Joy and I knew this sweet poodle did not relate to it either so for a week I called her PJ. I had no idea I was going to be a pet owner or even own a Poodle, I thought I would someday have a Golden retriever but Spirit works in mysterious ways....

Now it has been 3 weeks and she has been dipped and clipped and her name is "Pashmina". She is a love bug and the best loving soul I have met in years. We walk every morning in the park and in the evenings too. I took her to the pet store and let her pick out some new toys and that evening she got up on my bed to curl up and go to sleep like she did the first night but this night she just stood at the end of my bed and stared at me. I said, What? then I opened my bedroom door and she jetted out picked up her new white fluffy toy put it at the end of the bed curled up next to it and went fast asleep all night. So I am so grateful to have this demonstration of Spirit in the form of Pashmina in my life, she had lifted my soul brighten my days and I feel so alive and we are One.

Shirley I heard just the last bit of an interview of you a couple of nights ago on TV, just long enough to hear you say you had your own website, so here I am it's my first time online with you and I am like a kid in a candy store. I may not even go to sleep tonight this is sooooo Great! Thank you so much for sharing YOU!


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