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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

A Puppy Completes the Circle of Love

By: Pat Preheim

This is the story of Ming-Jewel but it is also a story that completes a wonderful mystery.

For several years my husband and I considered the idea of having a little Pomeranian dog, but somehow we just never got around to getting one. We had 2 Great Danes and one Greyhound, but had no tiny dog for over 10 years. Tiny dogs didn't seem logical where we lived. In fact, people referred to them as "coyote bait". Then last fall I began having dreams of a little black puppy. As time passed and the dreams became more frequent I began to know she was a little black Pomeranian pup and was meant to join us in our travels through life. I knew her name would be Jewel and that she was a very special little lady.

It wasn't long after that when I joined this site and only a short time later discovered that one of the members had Pomeranians and at least one little girl was black. Well, naturally I assumed that this must be our Jewel. That is what I get for assuming rather than letting Spirit lead the way! When we all got to meet in Ojo I saw the pups that the other member had brought along and they were adorable...but our Jewel was not among them. I didn't know how I knew but I did and got a bit depressed because I so wanted this pup. We went on to have a wonderful time in Ojo and I decided to shelve the search for Jewel for the time being. The other member and her husband were such sweethearts and I grew to love them even though we didn't get much time together.

Upon arriving home I discovered that there was another little Pomeranian puppy and at the age of 4 weeks she was stone black from tip to tail. I knew the instant I saw a picture that this was indeed our Jewel. It didn't matter that she was actually a "black and tan" who's tan hadn't come in yet. She looked just as she had on the other side and her eyes told the story. Our Jewel was sitting in Kansas too young to leave her momma yet! My reaction to those little eyes in the photo was instant, I KNEW this pup.

My publisher was coming to meet me and we were able to time Jewel's arrival perfectly with the publishers, meeting both planes within hours of each other. When we picked up Jewel and I reached to take her out of her little crate I broke down into tears and buried my face in her soft fur. I didn't understand my reaction at all, it just happened.

Jewel already loved my dad, that was obvious and his surprising reaction to her was one of instant deep love. A couple of nights later we decided to do a "reading" for my publisher and my father attended as well. As soon as the session started I asked if they could tell us what this strong connection to Jewel was all about. Had we known her before? The answer caused every jaw in the room to drop. "Your father should recognize her! This is my precious Ming- Toy that he gave to me before he went off to war (WWII)!"

I never met Ming-Toy while she was on earth. She was a Chow who protected Mom while Dad was off to war. She escorted Mom everywhere and had always held a special place in Mom's heart. She and Mom were truly soul-travelers.

I saw the recognition click with Dad, but he is one who loves "evidential". He laughed and said, "Well if this is Ming she will sit like this." taking the pup and trying to get it to sit a particular way. Jewel squirmed right out of his hands, took about 4 steps forward and sat exactly as my father said Ming- Toy did and it really was a unique way for a dog to sit. We all broke down laughing at the great pride she was displaying when she did so!

To this day Jewel lights up every time she sees my dad and his eyes sparkle too. We altered her name a bit to Ming-Jewel. I wondered if anyone noticed that her previous name contained the word "Toy" and she came back this time as a "toy" dog that looks like a toy-Chow. Mom said that Jewel had come to see me through the coming years and I can say that she never leaves my side, even to visit with my husband but will tear off running if she spots Dad, leaving me laughing when she does! She is turning black and TAN but that is fine by me, I know we found the right little Pom. pup for us as well as for my dad. I knew that Mom and Ming had planned and delivered a very special gift to the whole family!


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