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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

A Special Puppy

By: Michelle Wyckoff

I had the pleasure to have a very special puppy come into my life. I went to see him as he was only 4 weeks old at first glance and could not come home until he was 12 weeks. I sat on the floor with him and his mom, he ran around, tried to scratch his ear and fell over, then came to me put his front paws on my legs and looked at me.

Eight weeks later I took him home, I sat on the floor with him and he put his front paws on my legs and again looked at me. He was a Shitz Tzu I named him MoGi, a name taken from a Chinese philosopher, a teacher of universal love, I thought befitting of this little angel. I had moved to Florida from Long Island, my son was here, but a few months after I moved he moved to Dallas and I was alone. This little ball of fur and love was the most loveable creature I had ever had in my life. Months went by he grew and learned so many things so quickly. I was so homesick, it was so difficult making friends and I had decided to move back to Long Island. I would rent an apartment as I had before and it was impossible to find anything that would take a pet. I was in Pet Smart one day, MoGi loved this store, he knew when we pulled into the parking lot, would jump all over me till I picked him up and got him inside, he ran and greeted every living thing, be it 2 legged or 4. A couple approached us, it seemed they had a 16 year old "puppy" at home, her name was Panda, a Shitz Tzu also. They were, you could tell without knowing them, loving, and generous people, their puppy was not doing well and you could hear the sadness in their voices. Out of my mouth came " I may be looking for someone to adopt MoGi", I told them why and gave them my phone number.

It seemed it was the first time they had been in Pet Smart even though they had lived here for a while, they saw the sign and decided to turn around and take a look. After we talked a while, MoGi and I were invited for dinner. MoGi loved to play, had a play date with a pooch that lived down stairs, he would jump all over his friend, but when he ran to meet Panda, he didn't jump although he wanted to play, he followed her, kept close to her. I had brought some food for him, he didn't seem to want to eat, our hostess sat him on an ottoman and fed him his food one piece at a time, he really ate this up, no pun intended. Panda died the next day.

His maybe parents called and explained they were too upset to take MoGi. a couple of months went by, I looked for other people to take him, no one would do after the evening with Panda and her parents. I called them, I told them I couldn't find anyone that would love and care for MoGi the way I knew they would. We were invited to dinner again a few days later. Unknown to our new friends, they would receive Panda's ashes the same day they invited us to dinner.

They were moving into a new house and we decided it would be easier for MoGi if we waited till they were settled. MoGi and I went to dinner for the third time, the new house had a large fenced in back yard and he had never been off the leash. I let him off and he ran around and ran around and they came and picked him up a few days later.

I called 2 or 3 days later, it seemed his new "mom's" son knew a lady that had 2 Yorkies, she couldn't find a home and he said "my mom will take them". Not only did Mogi have a house with a fenced in back yard, but 2 new sisters he loves to play with and so much love.

It's been just about a year now that MoGi went to live with his new "parents", I couldn't afford to move back to Long Island, but now have 2 great friends in MoGi's parents and still get to see him on a regular basis. MoGi's mom and I go shopping etc, when I first walk in he jumps all over me and gives lots of kisses, but when we get back , he goes to his new mom, he knows' where home is now.

p.s. a cute note - the three pooches sleep with their mom and dad, the two Yorkies, Tootsie and Tinker occasionally need to use the potty pads in the middle of the night, mom puts them down, listens to the clicking of their nails to and from the potty pads and lifts them back up on the bed, before Tootsie goes to "her spot" she gives MoGi a couple of kisses, if he doesn't know where she is during the day, he goes looking for her. I could never take him back he is so loved there and here in my heart.


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