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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Howard Weingarden

Let me share a "cat" experience. Until the late 1980's I had little interest in cats. There was the "animal Kingdom" (which I thought about rather abstractly) and that was that. At the time I lived in a commune of sorts. (Yes. Communes were still around in the 80's!).

One of the folks owned a cat named Lilly. On summer nights Lilly got in the habit of jumping onto my bedroom window ledge and talking to me. And always at 3 or 4am. Couldn't get any sleep! So I began to spray her with water. It worked, or so I thought. One night during a storm I was awakened by a loud clap of thunder. I sat up in bed and watched the flickering lightning; now white, now pink,now radiant violet. The trees whispered and swayed and danced in the brightly lit darkness. The gusty wind rushed through the pines and oaks and willows, pushing them to conversation, to wailing, to singing, to laughter. The soaking, sweet scent of thunder saturated ozone brushed against my face. I closed my eyes and smiled. There, amidst the rage,amidst the wild and the fury, I found the calm; that sinking into the half-lit world between wake and sleep; the place of visions. I gazed into the darkness. The storm became dim, far, remote. And the silence grew close, intimate, shrouding me in her cloak.

And the eyes. Those bright, vast, ancient owl eyes. Cat eyes. Wisdom eyes. Old, so old. Before the Earth was born those eyes had planned. planned. When the world was but a dream in the dark womb of space she came from the farther regions; she came to birth, to guide, to evoke.

"Why do you not love my children?"

Since then I found out that perhaps the being I saw that summer night was known to the ancient Egyptians as Bast. Needless to say that I became friends with Lilly and have loved cats ever since. Some esoteric schools say that each animal species in nature is guided in their evolution by a great being known as a group soul. They are very ancient and wise, perhaps from the stars, and with a love of such magnitude that they take on such responsibilities.

What I want to say, is that this being was far older than humanity; possessing individuated self-referencing consciousness-yet beyond that. There was a sense of guardianship to a species; a sense of wise compassion and responsibility; and a type of love that had a direct "in your face" quality. Nothing sentimental about this being at all.

I do not know whether this being was indigenous to our own earth-based guiding spiritual hierarchies or extraterrestrial in origin. But I suggest a possibility: That there are nearly endless arrays of hierarchies of conscious beings existing in the physical and spiritual universes. And the starry distances hold no bounds for them in the deeper layers of consciousness. Some of these beings can clairvoyantly gaze from far off solar systems right down and into our hearts, and know more of us than we do of ourselves. And for me, that gives pause for reflection and self-examination.


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