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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Barb Hulse

Two years ago I had a psychic tell me to "look for an animal to come into my life in an unusual way". That came true about 3 months later on a Saturday when I was returning home from picking up lunch. I came to a stop sign and saw a lady crouched down in front of a pine tree right beside the street.....then I saw a tiny kitten come out heading toward her. Thinking it must be her kitten, I rolled down my window and asked if she needed help catching her kitty. She said it wasn't her kitty and that it had been living under the pine tree for about 3 days. Then she asked me "do you want her?" I heard myself say "ok". So, here I am in my car, with my Burger King lunch looking down at this sweet little kitty. She's a tortoise shell, her eyes are very slightly crossed, she has black freckles all over her face, and the very tip of her tail is a buff/orange color - looks just like a little flame. Just precious.

I have another cat at home (Maggie) who was about 5 years old at the time and was recovering from some type of intestinal problem. She was also a stray when I got her and had been, she's always had a bit of an attitude - but I love her very much. I knew that this kitten would not be good news for her.

I named the kitty "Grace" because she won my heart so quickly, and I truly believe it was by the Grace of God that I was at that stop sign at that moment in time. Her name suits her perfectly; she's petite, very affectionate, graceful & light on her feet, and quiet - she has a tiny little voice. (Although when she runs around the house she can sound like an elephant!)

Several weeks went by, and Maggie & Grace eventually became friends, although guardedly. Grace stands up to Maggie's attitude, and it's so cute to see it. She is fearless; and she has won Maggie's respect.

The real story I want to share about Grace happened about a month ago. I had a really stressful week at work, and this one day was particularly challenging. All day I looked forward to going home and laying on the couch - no TV, no music - just wanted silence & peace. I settled myself on the couch and was trying to release all the tension of the mind racing. A few minutes later, Grace got up on he couch with me. After looking me in the face with those little crossed eyes, she purred a little and I scratched her behind the ears. Then, she curled up on my lower abdomen and just looked at me with such a peaceful expression. Then, she reached her front paw up and touched my solar plexus chakra, she kept it there for a few moments. I thought to myself, how interesting? I wonder.... Then, she reached that paw up and put it on my heart chakra. I looked at her and she looked at me. I felt this wave of calmness come over me. I was completely relaxed from head to toe. I eventually dozed off with my sweet friend still on my belly.

I have certifications in Healing Touch and Reflexology. In my classes they talked about all animals, but especially cats, being able to see energy. I am convinced now that this is true. I've always known animals to gather around people who are not feeling well, and how healing that can be. But, I've never experienced, or witnessed, anything like this before. I truly feel blessed to have Grace in my life.


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