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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

My Little Georges' Story

By: Nicole

My name is Nicole and I am from Ontario, Canada. I am the proud owner of two small Jack Russell mixes. One is named Chopin, the eldest, 9years old, and the youngest Georges, 5 years old. I bought those two dogs at the same store in Montreal but what a difference between the two. Chopin was the ugliest little dog we saw and my husband said: If we don't buy it, he won't live. So I said yes and very happy, too. He is the most adorable, sociable, intelligent little dog I have had. I also had a cat at that time named Chleo which has always been the king of the three. I had to put him to sleep 2 years ago at the age of 18. I was with him until his last breath, and it was a beautiful experience for me (but that's another story).

Then we bought Georges for Chopin as a friend for when we weren't home. And that's where the story starts. My little Georges was very sick the third day we had him. Almost died. He wouldn't drink, eat and was dehydrated. So the vet told me that he needed a whole transfusion of blood in his system and that it was very expensive. I did not have the money for it. Then this very kind secretary asked me if I wanted to give him a shot of "salin" in French. (I don't know how you call this in English.) Water and salt mixture. They shoot it on their back and they become like a camel for about two hours. And she offered me some little plastic shots for water that I could inject myself every 10 minutes for about 3 to 4 hours. Well my little Georges made it within the next 24 hours. And is alive and kicking to this day.

But the problem was, which we found out after quite some time, that he was a lot younger than we were told. And he was taken away from his mother way too early. So the problems I had with him were extra submissiveness: ears down and tail down all the time. So, so sensitive. We would try to teach him something and he would think we were punishing him. He ate all my furniture; I mean all my furniture. He would hide under my bed all the time (scared), afraid of everybody, even us.

I have worked with my vet on him, and a very special vet she was. I did every thing she told me. It would work.... My friends, family, everybody told me to put him to sleep and I said never, I love this dog and will do everything in my power to have him feel good about himself. At one point, we had him on Clomicalms (prozak) for animals becauses of his stressed nature, anxiety. We took him off it gradually. It worked. After 3 long years, lots of love and big work, Georges finally has his ears up, tail up, such a proud little dog. He likes everybody, trusts us, and is such a little character. With lots of love and patience, and like them, unconditional love, we did it.

I wanted to tell you this because, one day I told a customer of ours this story (with more details) and I told her how proud I am of this dog. And she told me: You must be proud of yourself too! And then I realized how much this little fellow was important in my life and how he taught me unconditional love, and how I can do anything I want with lots of love.

Now Georges and Chopin are like two little brothers who get along so good. Chopin has helped the situation so much, too, because of his good nature and loving spirit. I thank him too.

Well hope this little story was interesting for you. Pets are a must in everybody's life. They are a lifetime friend and we need them to be better persons each day.


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