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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Megan Loney

My dog Ozzie, is a Rat Terrier. He looks exactly like Shirley MacLaine's dog Terry, almost the same markings. Our Rottweiler Baby was dying and we decided to continue with our life with a little less pain, we went to Leroy, Michigan to an Amish farm where there were three puppies. I love animals so even though they were not mine, I named them any way. Luke and Kicks were Ozzie's brothers. Well, I held them all and when I held

Ozzie, he didn't try to get away, in fact he snuggled up in my arms and gave me a lick on the cheek. That's when I knew, he was meant for me and my mom. When we brought him home, our rottweiler Baby, she thought that Ozzie was her new baby. It was so cute. She gave him kisses and everything. After she died I decided I would train him the same way I trained her. He was so small, he couldn't jump off the couch but the more I tried the more he strained back. So one day I put him on the couch and went to go get a soda. When I came back I guess he decided to come to see me, and he jumped right off the couch and those ears just spread and he glided to the floor. I thought it was so cute. He never left my side.

Now I am 14 and he is 3. We are still the best of friends we live in Frankfort, Michigan. He has taught me to live life as it comes. He is my best pal and my room mate. He has a little bed next to mine. He will always be in my heart.


Megan Loney


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