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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Mahalo Kisses

By: Joyce V.

I was never a cat person. About 16 years ago I was grieving over my collie, Buster, who I had to put to sleep due to stomach cancer. I had Buster for 14 years. I went to bereavement classes but nothing helped. My girlfriend brought a beautiful chocolate Himalayan to me. I was very upset with her and told her that I was not a cat person and why would her friend give up a beautiful cat like him? She explained that her friend didn't want him; they named him Tubby, because he jumped on her furniture. She declawed him. After my friend left me alone with Tubby, I cried myself to sleep. I was dreaming of cotton balls falling on my face, when I woke up, Tubby was on my chest dabbing my tears with his paw. Well, all I could say was, mahalo, which means "thank you" in Hawaiian. I was born and raised there so being so grateful, that is all that came to mind. I changed his name to Mahalo Boy. This sensitive, loving cat brought me out of such a depression and for that I am truly grateful.

He will always be my hero. Every night he sleeps right next to me and puts his paw in my hand. God brought him to me by way of Buster to ease my pain and scary thoughts of, yes, not wanting to live...that dog was like my kid. Mahalo now has arthritis in his hind legs but he still does fine for his age and of course I give him the best care and it's not in a bottle or bag of food it is simply....LOVE.

All my Aloha,


Editor's Note:

This note from Colette updates her original story, Elvis The Yorkshire Terrier.

Update on Elvis

From Colette

I can report more now....

Elvis has had medical treatment, as well as dental. His insulin has leveled off and he is doing great. Thanks to our friends Kim and John who cared for him 80% of the time.

At last we found him a permanent home where he will loved and cared for.

Elvis was taken out to meet his new family on Saturday. My neighbor Kim, and her family met them halfway between homes. He is now living with another yorkie, a 10 year old girl, and her parents. His new home is an acreage in British Columbia overlooking a lake. We are told there is a possibility they will all be relocating to a warmer climate (so the dogs won't have to wear coats). These are good people and they are giving Elvis that second chance. My neighbor told me today his new mom wrote her to tell her "Elvis is here to stay."

We couldn't have asked for more.

Thank you again for publishing his story.



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