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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Sandra F.

Yes, I know that animals make people better human beings. I have just discovered this website and have not thoroughly read all the articles yet but when I came upon the Pet portion of this site and noticed welcomed contributions, I decided to share my little story. I've loved animals my entire life. They were the first living things I connected with, where I felt such love.

This story is about my sweet, beautiful little cat (calico) who passed away suddenly on June 8th of this year. She was 2 weeks shy of turning 1 year old (June 25th). It forever changed me. I had lost 2 others before her and grieved terribly but the loss over Maggie devastated me. I always said how lucky I was to have found her (at 8 weeks old). She was that once-in-a-lifetime cat. I've loved all my animals but I was madly in love with her, just a little bit more than the others.

June 7th, I had just gotten home from a job interview and changed into civilian clothes and was getting ready to leave when I heard thumping sounds on the wall behind me. When I turned to the noise, I saw Maggie slumped over and all twisted. She had a "dead," stunned look in her eyes. Moments before this, she was playing. Confused, I walked over to her when she started to defecate. For one moment, I questioned what was going on then immediately knew she needed medical attention. I rushed her to the vet. She passed away 17 hours later...hypertrophic cardio-myopathy. I was truly devastated and inconsolable. (Zoloft was my life saver). I began researching this disease, joined numerous members-only websites and became very educated in this disease. I joined chat sessions (on the internet), I read hundreds of stories of others who talked about their beloved, passed animals who gave them signs that they were still around and sending them signs to that effect. I wished I could believe that but my inner self kept claiming that these people were all in denial, that it was just too painful to accept and that they were fooling themselves, convincing themselves to believe that for a source of comfort. On about the 6th evening after Maggie passed, I felt out of my mind with grief and began "purging" some more by letting it out with a crying session. I started asking for a sign, anything from Maggie to let me know she was all right. I then told myself I was a fool. I rinsed my face and then headed for the bedroom to go to sleep. As I walked into the bedroom, on my bed right next to my pillow was a single leaf...just sitting there. Maggie used to bring in leaves from the patio and play/swat them. I had made my bed every day as I always had by shaking the comforter and arranging all the pillows and there was this single leaf right there, less than a minute after I asked for a sign. Whatever this meant, it made me pause, it calmed me down...for the evening at least. I still was not able to let go or accept what had happened but I ALWAYS think about that leaf.

For whatever this all means, I'm glad to share this story with you.

My other cat named Bunny is a Persian who absolutely suffered when Maggie died. I was shocked to notice what she went though. (She started laying down in corners, threw up the first week, daily). And I couldn't give her any attention because of what I was feeling. Until one day, I picked her up and from that moment, she didn't leave my side. We became even closer than we ever were. And she hated Maggie, so I thought. I've since adopted another cat (now 5 months old, today. I adopted her at 10 weeks old) and it's taken all this time for me to really feel bonded with her. And I love her. Her name is Lilly.

Anyway, I don't want to be so long-winded.

What a strange trip it's been.



P.S. My regards to Shirley! She has always been at the top of my favorites list. As an actress, there's no contending...she's the greatest. As a personality, she's has always captured my attention and provoked my thinking and imagination 100%. I fell in love with her when I was a little girl and saw Irma La Douce. Anyway, I know it doesn't matter what a stranger feels but it feels so nice to express admiration for someone when typically, people aren't my favorite species.




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