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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Morgan and Fluer

By: Joan H. Cass

Back in the early 70's in Mill Valley I had a beautiful place needing a fur friend, so I asked the local vet. He told me of a woman who had pups from a remarkable collie who was recently hit by a UPS truck pushing her daughter out of the way! She was looking out her window and saw her daughter run out into the street at the same time her collie ran putting herself in the direct path, thus saving the child!

I met her and "Mom" deciding on not just one, but two of the pups (Morgan and Fluer). Remarkable and smart dogs. Morgan came paper trained via mom, too. Balls of sunshine and light. But, unfortunately, in a couple of years I had to move back to Manhattan where the terrible "no dogs allowed" flashed in my face. Of course, I planned to alter my move, but fate stepped in...sad for me.

A friend of my then husband's had moved to San Anselmo with an adopted son who was experiencing emotional problems they had trouble dealing with sooooo I decided to give up my precious Fluer, who had bonded with the child on a visit. But, what about Morgan?

Again, the vet suggested a volunteer at the local shelter who had another child who always wanted a lassie, but being former service people who moved a lot had waited.....Morgan.

Normally at that time I would have been too attached and selfish to give up both my loves, but an inner voice was gnawing at me to do it. The boy with Fleur won "best in tricks" at a show and his life totally turned around, which I found out later AND planned to become a vet himself. Morgan lived a happy life sleeping with and being "lassie" to his person.

I've moved a lot and now have six indoor cats...all have stories (found in trash, etc) and have learned the meaning of unconditional love with lots of humor. Try driving with all of them cross country from LA to New Hampshire! Surprisingly enough, it was a great experience. Especially, just missing the Oklahoma tornado last year, which I had a premonition of and, buying an Explorer because I couldn't fly with them (two kittens had FIV) caused the delay saving our lives. The hotel we were to stay was demolished by the storm. But all that is another story.

Not a Nobel prize winner, but true.


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