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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Patsy and Akasha

By: Unknown


By Tom Cuniff

Our dog, "Patsy" has been and is a constant. When I walk up to the door, when I come home, she is too. When I wake up in the morning, I pester her in the morning...we have fun. I love HER! She looks like a racoon, uh...a beautiful one. Oh my goodnesss, when we found her, I couldn't believe it. SHE IS STYLING!

Akasha and I

By Tristan Wambold

Me and Akasha (my three year old cocker spaniel) didn't get along very well at first. She never sat by me, and I could never pet her. When my family moved to Germany, January 11, 1996, I was 12. I got bronchitus and was out of school for 2 weeks. During this period, Akasha and I became close friends. She would lay by me, and I think she was genuinely worried when I coughed. We became so close and soon I came to love her like a sister.

On June 7th 1996 she was chasing a cat and was hit by a car . This really hurt me. I had just gotten to know her, and now she was dead. I used to think that she would be there when I got home from school, but there was no one. So I began a journal. A small one, for every day of the year. I wrote in it like I was writing to her. So come one year later, I placed the journal, along with a bone and her rope, and placed a wooden headstone in my garden. The headstone had the ancient spell to bring the dead back to life, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. And I decided to move on with my life. Flowers grew over the grave and will now be there till someone digs them up.

I now have another dog, a cocker spaniel, who is my love as well. But she didn't replace Akasha. I learned an important lesson here, death is only the beginning of a new life.


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