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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Lady Sloopy

By: Jan deWese

Five years ago, my Lady Sloopy died in glory and is now waiting for me in heaven, but I would like to share with you the glory that was manifested in her life not long before she left. My girl was in her 16th year of life with me, I loved her with all that was within me. And one day she came walking into the living room, and something didn't seem right. I realized that she was unable to see. Shortly thereafter, we went down to her doctor. Prognosis: the retinas in both eyes had detached! I cannot recall the medical term for what was happening. Her heart rate was too fast as well, and something to do with her blood count. I know in whom I believe, and I did not choose to believe the bad report. I asked the doctor to pray in agreement with me for my Sloopy. He said, 'Are you serious?' My reply, 'I am.' So I did. I put my faith out for my girl's healing.

We went home, and I continued to do what I knew to do. I knew the authority that I have, in the name of Jesus. I spoke life unto her, spirit, soul and body. I found Proverbs 12:10 in the Bible to stand on: "The righteous man regards the life of his beasts, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel", as well as Psalm 41: "Blessed is he who has regard for the weak (Lady Sloopy); the Lord delivers him in times of trouble. The Lord will protect him and preserve his life; he will bless him in the land and not surrender him to the desire of his foes. The Lord will sustain him on his sickbed and restore him from his bed of illness". I called two friends over to come and pray in agreement with me for her. And as we sat on the couch praying, I began to pray over her, 'that this is the year, this is the day that the blind shall see, that the lame shall walk, and shall leap like a heart." Because of what had come upon her, she was unable to walk well, if at all. But as she lay in my lap this afternoon, SHE LEAPT FROM MY LAP AND BEGAN TO WALK!

I carried her in my arms and walked about the house praying in the spirit, and praying in my understanding; singing in the spirit and singing in my understanding. It seems as if it were two days before anything happened, I can't remember. But one afternoon, I was laying on the floor with her, speaking the word of God into her ears over and over and over, rebuking sickness from her body, rebuking all the demons from her. And I began to cry out to God in agony for her. I began to notice that she began to shake her head, and I didn't realize what was happening at first. And I continued to speak life to her, not death; healing, not destruction; that Jesus paid the price for her deliverance from all bondage, and by His stripes, she is healed, in Jesus name.

The pupils of her eyes had dilated as large as the eye itself because she was trying to see, but could not. But as she continued to shake her head, I was looking into her eyes, and I saw that her pupils HAD BEGUN TO SHRINK!!! I kept speaking the word into her ears, because I knew that demons can hear you when you speak, in Jesus name, and they must flee. Her eyes had returned to normal, and my Lady could see!!!!

The next morning I took her down to the doctor. The day before, I had called to report the miracle! We got into the room to wait for the doctor, and I had been continually praising God and speaking healing to her body. He came in , and looked in her eyes and said that the retinas had completely reattached!!! 'That its a miracle!'

Because of her age, Sloopy didn't live too long after this incident. But God showed himself strong in her behalf.

A few days after her death, my twin sister called. My older sister and her husband were at the house having pizza, that I'd asked if they would come over. As we were talking, the phone rang. It was Jean calling from her home in another town four hours from my home. She was telling me that some children had come to her door earlier with a kitten they'd found in a stream. They were asking if she knew the owner, who it might be? They decided that she'd been dumped. Jean took her, thinking I might like her. Jean is well acquainted with cats, having 20, herself. She told me to think about it a little bit, and let her know.

My sister at my home, talked with Jean a little. Get this!!!, she would be going to a town near where Jean lived and would be able to stop by Jean's home on the way back to our town and pick up the kitten for me!!!!!! This whole scenario was orchestrated by God, that Jean would get this kitten for me!!!!!

Chelsea came to me at 6 weeks old, 2 pounds. GOD'S GIFT TO ME!!!!!!!!

Lady Sloopy was blessed by God, and now, God's favor in my life has brought me Chelsea.




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